Unveiling the Mystery: Who's the Comedic Wiz Behind Zingbot on 'Big Brother'?

Zingbot, a recurring character on the competition show 'Big Brother,' features the voice of someone different from the person in the costume.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 11 2023, Updated 3:49 p.m. ET

Zingbot delivers his one-liner insults to the 'Big Brother' houseguests.
Source: CBS

The Gist:

  • Zingbot is a fan-favorite recurring character on Big Brother.
  • The robot appears halfway through each season to roast the remaining houseguests.
  • Zingbot is played by someone in a costume — but that person doesn't deliver the one-liner insults.
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There comes a time during every season of Big Brother when the houseguests get what's coming to them as the fan-favorite character Zingbot arrives to roast them with zero shame. It's a moment everyone waits for each season, like the endurance wall competition and the return of the notorious OTEV.

But those who are new to the show or just plain bored with this season might be wondering about Zingbot, where he comes from, and who he is in real life. With that said, read on to learn all about him!

zingbot big brother voice
Source: CBS
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Who plays Zingbot on 'Big Brother'?

Zingbot might return to the show every season to shake up the houseguests and delight viewers at home, but he's still just a guy (or girl) in a suit, portraying the unapologetic Big Brother robot. And, although the actor who plays Zingbot has never been revealed to the public, it changes from time to time.

On Aug. 23, 2019, Season 15 winner Andy Herren took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and shared a little behind-the-scenes information with his followers. He wrote, "Friendly reminder that Zingbot is a person in a costume who sways back and forth silently while the houseguests listen to his zings on the loudspeakers in the house! It is all very weird!"

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The voice of 'Zingbot' is different from the person in the costume.

Although the actual Zingbot is a person wearing a costume, the voice is a separate entity. The actor inside the robot costume stands silently in the house, making the appropriate hand motions and moving every so often while a voice comes in through the speakers and delivers the insults.

Zingbot looks down at the 'Big Brother' houseguests from the second floor balcony.
Source: CBS
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In June 2016, Big Brother voice actors behind audio like those "Tonight on Big Brother" voiceovers, Don Wollman and Clayton Halsey, spoke with Yahoo! about working on the reality show. Don shared that the person in the Zingbot suit is different from the voice, and Clayton added that "there's been two or three" voice actors for Zingbot.

Unfortunately, the Zingbot actors aren't always up for the challenge.

Despite Zingbot being such a well-known Big Brother character, he's just a person in a suit. But when the Season 14 houseguests met him for the first time, the actor inside the suit passed out, and the houseguests were met with the harsh reality of who Zingbot really is. In that case, a female actress.

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"Zingbot is standing on the deck and we're all standing around like, He's going to meet Baby Zing for the first time,'" former houseguest Britney Haynes explained on Rob Has a Podcast in 2019. "So Baby Zing comes out of the smoke, and all of a sudden Zingbot [is] as straight as a board, falls backward, and cracks on the deck."

The actor who plays Zingbot might not always be the same, but there's no denying the excitement viewers feel when he makes his long-awaited appearance each season.

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