This Fan Theory About Who Voices The Foundation in 'Fortnite' May Have Just Been Confirmed

Fans have been theorizing for months as to who could be the voice behind The Foundation — and it seems like we may finally have our answer.

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 2 2021, Published 5:04 p.m. ET

Things are heating up for Fortnite players as Chapter 2 finally begins to reach its conclusion. Gamers are patiently awaiting details on the upcoming live event for the chapter's closure — but it seems that before this chapter wraps up completely, fans will get an answer they've been waiting months for.

Since his introduction, fans have been creating theories as to who voices The Foundation — and now, we just might have our answer.

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Who is The Foundation?

For those who aren't as tuned into the lore behind Fortnite or who haven't been playing the title for years, The Foundation is a member of "The Seven," a group of different characters of unknown origin who have appeared sporadically throughout the game's seasons. The very first member of The Seven initially appeared in Season 3, though it wasn't immediately revealed that the figure was part of The Seven.

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It's unclear where exactly The Seven come from, though their main goal in the game is to stop the Imagined Order. The Seven's first attempt at this is what caused the black hole that consumed the game as part of the title's Chapter 1 end event.

Since the members of The Seven first arrived in the game, there have been many fan theories as to where they come from and who they are. One of the main theories is that every member of The Seven is actually the same person but from different dimensions.

The Foundation is the fourth of The Seven to be introduced into the game and is apparently the group's "leader." There are currently three other members who have not been introduced (though are bound to appear in future seasons). The Foundation was called to the scene during the Zero Crisis Finale, when Zero Point needed fixing. He created The Spire to encapsulate himself and Zero Point, only to be unsealed later in Season 7.

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Fans have been guessing The Rock is the voice of The Foundation — and he may have just confirmed it.

Since The Foundation was first introduced to the game in Season 6, fans have been trying to guess who the voice is behind this buff figure. Despite the character's being a part of the game for a couple of seasons now, Epic Games hasn't officially revealed who the voice behind the figure is. It didn't help that whoever has been voicing the character uses a voice distortion tool, making it harder to recognize.

But it seems that after many months of guessing, fans may finally have their answer.

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On fan forums and elsewhere online, many have been taking stabs at which celebrity could be behind the voice of The Foundation, and many were certain that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was behind it.

This theory seemed to be confirmed when The Rock posted a video promoting the ZOA energy drink and viewers noticed the Mask of The Foundation in his fridge in the background. For many, this seemed to be all of the confirmation they needed that he has been the voice actor behind it all along.

While we're not quite sure what role The Foundation will play in Fortnite going forward, there's another chapter-end event coming soon, and we're bound to uncover more of the game's lore as the new chapter is rolled out.

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