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Source: Netflix

Who Won 'The Great British Bake Off' Season 10? An Underdog Came Through in the End


Everyone loves a good underdog story and the contestant who won The Great British Bake Off Season 10 proves that more than anyone else right now. The show started off with less complicated competitions for the bakers to complete and thrive in and slowly segued into more intense bake-offs that really tested their skills in the kitchen. Sometimes, the contestants fade out as the competition gets more difficult, while others rise to the occasion. This season saw a little of both.

The whole point is that most of the cast each season has minimal professional baking experience, which is where the wow factor really lies. But it’s also what makes the show a little more approachable for less experienced bakers who watch from home. Maybe you won't become an expert baker yourself by the end of each season, but you might pick up a thing or two, which sometimes happens with the amateur bakers on the show.