20 of the Most Wholesome Tweets of All Time

We all need a little love and positivity these days, and these adorable wholesome tweets are just that.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Sep. 10 2019, Updated 4:50 p.m. ET

Twitter is full of doom and gloom pretty much all day every day. but if you look close enough, there are glimmers of light. Adorable, positive rays of light that you can cling onto and bask in when the going gets tough. Luckily, I've compiled some of those precious, wholesome tweets right here so you don't have to go searching through the muck to find them yourself. These tweets will remind you that there is still good in the world...and on Twitter, even!

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Grad school

I mean, come on! It doesn't get any more wholesome and lovely than this. Taylor's dad is starting grad school and he looks cute and she is proud of him. I bet he's going to absolutely kill it. 

Dog fence

What do you do when all your dog wants to do is say hello to the neighbors through the fence? Why, you build him a little window, of course! Now he can greet the neighbors, and the neighbors can take pictures like this and post them on Twitter for the world to see.

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Real friends

There is nothing purer than two little kids running up and hugging their friends. I just wish that dude friendships never changed from being like this as they got older. More dude hugs please! 

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"Just four things"

This three-year-old wants to be an astronaut and my goodness, she's going to be an astronaut. When I was little, I had big dreams too. I wanted to me a cashier because I thought cash registers were so cool. 

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Mail mango

Listen, sometimes you get irrationally upset about petty things, like the fact that you accidentally left your Tupperware of mango at home when you went back to school. And sometimes your parents understand exactly how you feel and overnight your mango to you to make you feel better. And it totally works.

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Official NASA photo

Leland Melvin is officially my favorite astronaut because this is his NASA photo. I didn't know you could take dogs to NASA. If I knew that, I totally would have become an astronaut.

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Drunk respect

You know what they say! The truth often comes out after you've had a few drinks. Turns out, the truth is this guy loves his girlfriend so much that he wouldn't get in bed with her because he thought she was someone else. That's love right there.

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Waffle home

Um, this sounds like the best night ever, and I wish I lived near a Waffle House so I could experience something magical like this. These Waffle House employees deserve like, nine raises.

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Single dad of a vegan teen

This is precious! He's trying to learn what vegans eat so he can give his newly-vegan daughter ideas for meals! This is parenting at its best. Above and beyond, if you ask me!

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Mookie Wilson and dinosaurs

This quote from baseball legend Mookie Wilson is so absurd but so charming and adorable that I have no choice but to love it with all my heart. Don't question its logic. Just go with it.

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Drive thru romance

Why were a husband and wife at the same drive thru in two different cars right next to each other? Did they plan it that way? Did they end up there by accident? But whatever the reason, this is still extremely cute and #relationshipgoals.

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Unlikely animal friends

After 30 minutes that snail and that pup became the best of friends! There's so stopping them. If there's one thing that pushed my cute aggression button, it's pairs of unlikely animal friends. I just want to squeeze them!

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Pancake love

You know, they may only be in second grade, but they have so much about life and love figured out. If you can bond with a person over pancakes, that means you're in love. I don't make the rules! I just follow them. 

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Prom vs. wedding

Oh hello! We absolutely stan high school sweethearts who went to prom together and then straight up married each other for real years later. So few people have that love story (and look that good the whole time). 

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Sneaky seniors

I love this. So. Much. I feel like this is a movie waiting to happen. Maybe it stars Jane Fonda. A group of grandmas in a senior center get drunk on wine pouches and go rogue. I'd watch the crap out of that.

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Meeting your heroes

Can you just look at the expression on that dog's face? This is why sometimes, you should meet your heroes. Although, I do have the sneaking suspicion that in the dog's mind, he's looking at the world's largest toy that he can't wait to sink his teeth into.

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Protective pup

I love this. Look at the concern on his face! My dog used to be this concerned about me, but now he just sits right outside the bathroom door when I take a shower to make sure I eventually come out. 

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Drunk buds

This is honestly the grown-up version of that video of the toddlers running to hug each other. Let's hear it for open expressions of platonic male love! We need more of this in the world. Like, STAT.

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How cute is this? Now that bench that where they always stop to sit and chat is actually theirs! You can totally see how much Pam loved this surprise from her husband. 

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Dog parade

But seriously, we should throw parades just for dogs. They should be celebrated for everything they give us. I'm starting a company. It's called Dog Parades and we will throw a parade for your dog. All you have to do is show up with your good boy or girl. This is a million-dollar idea.

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