Austin Gunn Talks "Regrets" After His Fight with Hana Giraldo on 'Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules' (EXCLUSIVE)

Austin Gunn took on the brunt of the work throughout 'Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules,' but a fight with Hana Giraldo threatened to derail his Re-Opening Day plans.

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Mar. 2 2022, Published 10:00 p.m. ET

Austin Gunn
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules.

After a month of intense work to get the Saddleback Ranch ready for a Grand Re-Opening, the celebrity kids officially said goodbye to the first season of Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules with the March 2 finale. As their time on the Colorado ranch was winding down, the most compelling drama of the season kicked off between Hana Giraldo (daughter of Pat Benatar) and Austin Gunn (son of Billy Gunn).

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Since the E! reality series began, Austin and Hana have been exploring a potential romantic connection. After a few dates and a mock wrestling match, the two took their relationship to the next level at the end of the Feb. 16 episode. While some viewers anticipated that the stars would grow closer to one another after they shared a bunk together, Hana tried to play it cool the next day by ignoring Austin.

Austin Gunn and Hana Giraldo
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When the seven remaining cast members went out the night before the Grand Re-Opening, Austin connected with someone else entirely — much to Hana's dismay.

Their once-burgeoning romance soon soured, and Austin and Hana got into a major argument (which briefly turned physical) in the penultimate episode of the season.

Once the stars made it to the ranch to welcome back tourists and visitors, which they've been preparing the entire season for, Austin was initially nowhere to be found.

What happened to Austin, and did he return to the ranch in time to be the trail boss? The wrestler spoke exclusively with Distractify about his argument with Hana, and why it was important for him to finish out his work at the ranch.

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What happened to Austin Gunn on 'Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules'?

The morning after their hook-up, Hana kept her distance from Austin. In her confessional, she explained that she was "trying to keep it light" because it was a "fling."

Later on in the day, Hana, Austin, and Harry James Thornton all competed to be the trail boss for the cattle drive at the Grand Re-Opening. Once Austin secured the coveted position, the others became slightly annoyed.

Hana Giraldo
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At their final group dinner that night, Austin became more upset that Hana was being cold toward him. After they finished eating, the cast went inside the bar to learn how to do a Colorado two-step. Hana ignored Austin's request to be his partner, so he danced with a local named Rachel.

When the rest of the stars left the bar, Austin stayed and shared a kiss with Rachel. Once they got back to the bunk room, Hana slapped him for embarrassing her (after she threw his hat outside).

Austin went to the cast's Jeep, calling Hana a "b---h." She then ran to the car and a brief physical confrontation ensued. Afterward, Austin did not return to the bunk room, and he did not travel with the cast to the ranch for the Grand Re-Opening.

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"It's obviously hard to watch, but I'm the type of person who kind of just forgives and forgets," Austin explained about how he recovered from the argument by taking some time away from his roommates. "I think we both have regrets on each side — I embarrassed her at the bar, and I embarrassed my roommates at the time by drinking and kind of getting out of hand. Then, obviously, there are some things that she probably wishes she should have done differently. I'm not the type of person to dwell on that kind of stuff."

Austin Gunn
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Though their post-two-step argument was heated, both stars recognized how important it was for them to work together to get the ranch reopened.

"It was hard to watch back and to see how I was acting, and to see how she was acting, but coming together and apologizing and kind of just carrying on for the bigger task at the end of the finale is what matters most," he added. "Deep down, we both knew we kind of messed up, and then we moved on. You can't really dwell on that kind of stuff, you just move on."

Billy Gunn's son confirmed that he has not contacted Rachel, the woman he met at the bar, since the show was filmed.

Austin shared why it was important for him to return to the Saddleback Ranch in time for the Grand Re-Opening.

Because Austin was tasked with working as the trail boss for the cattle drive on the Grand Re-Opening Day, it was imperative for him to be present at the ranch.

Even his co-stars, who have often been critical of Austin in their confessionals and to his face, were hoping that he would return after working so hard throughout the season.

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"No matter how successful today becomes, if he's not here, it won't feel like a success," Harry said about Austin in the Feb. 23 episode. While viewers weren't sure if Austin would be there for the Grand Re-Opening, he did come back just in time to lead the cattle drive alongside Hana.

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"At the end of the day, even when I'm mad or sad or feeling this intense emotions like I was that night, I just need some time to recharge," Austin shared. "That's what I was able to do that night, once I kind of got away from roommates. I had time to kind of reflect and go, 'What's the bigger purpose here?' It was to get back on the ranch, and to show the ranchers that I came here to do a job, no matter what drama is going on."

The wrestler noted that he felt a responsibility to accomplish the trail boss role because the Saddleback Ranch employees had chosen him to complete the task.

"I'm someone who always likes to see things through. That was the indicator for me; I didn't want to let down the ranchers. They named me cattle boss, and I had a job to finish," he continued. "I didn't want anybody else stepping into that role, and I wanted to make sure that I was the one to lead the charge and to finish what I came there to do."

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