'The Daily Wire' Has Severed Ties With Candace Owens Over Antisemitic Rhetoric

Candace Owens has engaged in antisemitic conspiracy theories that were too much for the far right outlet.


Mar. 25 2024, Published 11:42 a.m. ET

Candace Owens hosting 'Candace' for The Daily Wire.
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Although The Daily Wire exists to stoke divisions and inflame animus, it seems there are some lines even that far-right publication won't cross. The publication, which was co-founded by Ben Shapiro, recently announced that it was severing all ties with right-wing influencer Candace Owens.

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Following the news that Candace would be leaving the publication, many wanted to learn more about exactly why she and the publication were parting ways. Here's what we know about her departure, and what may have prompted it.

Candace Owens hosting 'Candace' for The Daily Wire.
Source: Getty Images
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Why did Candace Owens leave 'The Daily Wire'?

Candace has long been well-known for espousing far-right views, but she has caused a firestorm in recent months over her embrace of antisemitic rhetoric.

“'Daily Wire' and Candace Owens have ended their relationship,” Jeremy Boreing, the company's chief executive, said in a statement posted online.

Candace confirmed the news shortly thereafter, writing: “The rumors are true — I am finally free.”

Candace first joined The Daily Wire in 2021, and the outlet has continued to stand by her in recent years, despite of her willingness to spread falsehoods and disinformation.

The final straw seems to have been Candace's response to the Oct. 7, 2023, attack in Israel, and Israel's response. Candace has been critical of Israel and suggested that they were committing "genocide" in Gaza.

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This language echoes what some on the left have been saying, but Candace went much further. She suggested that there was a "small ring" of Jewish people in Hollywood and Washington who are involved in something "quite sinister."

These statements play into frequently spouted conspiracy theories about Israel and Jews, in particular, and have certainly become more common in the months since the Oct. 7 attack.

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Ben Shapiro criticized Candace in November 2023.

Ben first came out to criticize Candace over her comments in November, leading to an extended and pretty public feud between the two. Ben, who is Jewish, said that Candace's statements were "disgraceful," to which Candce responded by saying that Ben couldn't "serve both God and money,” a comment that once again leans into anti-semitic stereotypes. “

Candace, if you feel that taking money from 'The Daily Wire' somehow comes between you and God, by all means quit," Ben replied.

Now, it seems like Candace and the publication have parted ways for good. Although the company's statement didn't explain exactly why Candace had been fired, it seems like these comments were the driving force behind her departure.

Despite her departure from The Daily Wire, though, Candace still commands a massive following on social media, and will likely have her pick of platforms on the right.

Of course, The Daily Wire hires certain people in part because of their ability to stoke controversy. It seems like Candace's recent comments crossed some sort of line for the publication, though, and led them to cut ties with her. That doesn't necessarily mean that The Daily Wire is becoming less right-wing, though. It just means that they have standards that can be violated, even if they are different than those of most publications.

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