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Debra Winger Is Working on a Few Projects Following 'The Ranch'



Netflix's original series The Ranch is coming to an end with Season 4 and some fans who've already streamed the final episodes are wondering what happened to Debra Winger and why she left the show.

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Debra plays the Bennett family matriarch, Maggie, who divorced her ex-husband Beau and now lives in a trailer behind the bar that she owns in town. 

Maggie has been a mainstay on the show since its 2016 premiere and although she doesn't appear in every episode, her absence from the final season was felt by fans.

So, why did Debra Winger leave The Ranch? Keep reading!

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Source: Greg Gayne/Netflix

Debra teased her departure from 'The Ranch' back in 2018.

The question of whether Debra would leave The Ranch or not has been on viewers' minds ever since the trailer for Part 7 dropped last year and fans noticed Debra was conspicuously absent from the clip.

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While there was no official confirmation about her leaving the show at the time, Debra herself provided the tea on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen shortly after the trailer dropped.

When a fan called into the interactive talk show and asked if The Ranch would be coming back to Netflix for a fourth season, Debra cheekily replied: "It's back. There are 20 new [episodes] being shot. I may or may not be in them."

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Source: Greg Gayne/Netflix

Debra's response raised a lot of questions from fans who adore her strong and beloved character on the show. The speculation wasn't helped by the fact that Netflix didn't make any official comments regarding her return or departure.

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What else is Debra working on?

With 80 episodes under its belt, The Ranch is Netflix's longest-running multi-camera sitcom and has earned a loyal fan following, especially due to the casting, which provided a bit of a reunion for the boys from That 70's Show

The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson as show regulars. Wilmer Valderamma guest stars and Kurtwood Smith even makes an appearance in the latest season.

But Debra's departure from The Ranch now leaves only two of the original cast members, Ashton and Sam Elliott, after Danny Masterson was fired last year following multiple allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence and rape.

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Following Danny's exit from the show, The Ranch cast Punk'd's Dax Shepard as Beau's PTSD-stricken veteran nephew, Luke Matthews. 

Now that Debra's left The Ranch, many are wondering if she has any other projects under her belt.

Source: Greg Gayne/Netflix
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Of course, she's been a staple of the industry since the 1970s, and you can catch some of her best work in the classic movies Terms of Endearment and An Officer and a Gentleman.

Most recently, she's appeared in Amazon's original series Patriot (also starring Kurtwood Smith), which follows the complicated life of intelligence officer John Tavner.

Debra will also star in Miranda July's new movie, Kajillionaire, which is due to premiere later this year.

All eight parts of The Ranch are available to stream now on Netflix.

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