Girl With No Job Got Her Show Canceled Because of Her Mom's Anti-Muslim Views


Oct. 29 2020, Updated 1:38 p.m. ET

Influencers can be huge stars, but their careers can also disappear fairly quickly. That was exactly what happened to Claudia and Jackie Oshry, two sisters who went by @GirlWithNoJob and @JackieOProblems on Instagram. The two rose to enough prominence to have a live social media show called The Morning Breath, but their success vanished almost as quickly as it had arrived. 

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Why did Girl With No Job get canceled?

Claudia and Jackie's show, which aired on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, was canceled after it was discovered that their mother was Pamela Geller, a somewhat infamous anti-Muslim activist. The news was first reported by The Daily Beast in 2018, and Oath, the network that put The Morning Breath on, quickly canceled it and announced that they would be launching an internal investigation.

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"The Morning Breath, an Oath social media show, is being canceled immediately and we have launched an internal investigation and will take other appropriate steps based on the results of the investigation," a spokesperson for Oath said at the time. In an investigation conducted by BuzzFeed, they determined that the Oshry sisters' connection to their mother couldn't have been much of a surprise for those at the network. 

Apparently, employees inside the company said that the identity of the Oshry sisters' mother was an open secret. "You mention it, and someone would smirk and change the topic, because what could be said at that point?" one employee said. 

Although employees knew about their mom, they didn't feel like they had the power to do anything about it. "[The Oshry sisters] could do no wrong ... because they had a lot of power and it was all because of their social media," another employee said. 

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Both sisters have made posts suggesting they share some of their mother's views.

The identity of Claudia and Jackie's mother may not have been a surprise, but that's not the only reason that the company's judgment should be questioned. Both sisters have made posts in the past that suggest that they may sympathize with their mother's views. 

"I can't help but feel like I'm funding terrorism when I take a cab," Claudia tweeted in 2014. 

Source: Instagram
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A year later, both sisters attacked President Obama over his handling of ISIS. "Listening to Obama talk about ISIS is like listening to me talk about quantum physics," Claudia wrote in 2015. Jackie retweeted the post as well. After the old tweets were unearthed, Jackie and Claudia both issued apologies, saying that they had evolved as people since the tweets were posted. 

"I’m not racist, I can’t believe I even have to say that, but I’m so sorry to anyone who read those tweets and had a reaction and was upset, because you’re totally entitled to that reaction," Claudia said in an Instagram video. Both siblings also deleted their Twitter accounts after the tweets were unearthed. 

Claudia has written a book about her time on Instagram.

Following this news, which was largely reported in 2018, things have been quiet for the Oshry sisters. Now, Claudia has announced that she's written a book about her time on Instagram that is set to be released in January of 2021. Whether her past controversies will hurt or help the book's sales remains to be seen. 

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