Joey Graziadei Waves Goodbye to a Fan-Favorite 'The Bachelor' Contestant (SPOILERS)

"I hope you know how difficult that was for me," Joey says. "It would be dishonest to you to move forward with the amount of doubts that I have."

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Mar. 4 2024, Published 10:01 p.m. ET

'The Bachelor' Season 28 lead Joey Graziadei sits and sports a grin while dressed in a cozy gray flannel utility shirt
Source: ABC

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for Season 28, Episode 8 of The Bachelor.

It's that special time of the year: Hometown dates! Yes, as Season 28 of The Bachelor races toward its climax, leading man Joey Graziadei is on the brink of taking that significant step toward commitment. But before he can pop that oh-so-important question, he must embark on the crucial journey of meeting the families of his final four contestants.

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Episode 8 documents this vital phase, and each hometown date seemingly unfolds beautifully. Yet, as the night draws to a close, Joey faces the difficult decision of sending one of the ladies packing. Regrettably, he bids farewell to Maria Georgas — but what led to this decision? Read on to discover why he bids farewell to the Canadian beauty.

Joey Graziadei dons a green sweater as he smiles at Maria Georgas, who sports a black mock neck sweater in Season 28 of 'The Bachelor.'
Source: ABC
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Why did Joey send Maria home on 'The Bachelor'?

Before heading into his hometown date with Maria, Joey reflects on their connection, acknowledging that they always have a good time together. However, he questions whether their positive experiences can outweigh the issues they've faced in the past. Yet, as he spends time with Maria's family, he finds himself enjoying the evening.

During the visit, Joey engages in many great conversations and ultimately receives Maria's dad's blessing to propose to her. However, Maria's hesitation becomes apparent as the night progresses. Although she intends to tell Joey she's falling in love with him, she ultimately shies away, expressing appreciation for his presence instead.

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In Season 28 of 'The Bachelor,' Joey Graziadei beams while clad in a green sweater and light brown trench coat. He is hand in hand with a cheerful Maria Georgas, who dons a black mock neck crop top sweater and medium rinse jeans.
Source: ABC

Unfortunately, her hesitance plays a significant role in Joey's decision to send Maria home. Just before handing out the first rose, Maria pulls Joey aside for a chat, expressing her desire to avoid any regrets from the experience. She admits her feelings for him but it's too late — and Joey doesn't give her a rose.

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Joey walks Maria out of the rose ceremony, explaining that while he has fought for their relationship and envisioned a future together, he cannot ignore his doubts. Though he appreciates Maria's honesty, Joey feels it would be dishonest to continue their relationship when he cannot reciprocate her feelings fully.

As they part ways, Maria expresses confusion and sadness, feeling she gave her all to their relationship. She realizes she should have opened up about her feelings sooner, yet she can't help but wonder why her efforts fell short in Joey's eyes. Despite her disappointment, she understands she isn't Joey's person and heads back home to Canada.

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'The Bachelor' Season 28 lead Joey Graziadei smiles as he poses in front of an old white car in a navy suit. His hands are around Maria Georgas's waist, who beams at him while wearing a sparkly gold gown.
Source: ABC

While Maria's exit may leave some Bachelor Nation fans with a heavy heart, we've got a hunch that Maria's journey is far from over! In fact, we're placing our bets that Maria will reign supreme in a new season of Bachelor in Paradise.

With her irresistible charm and uncanny ability to get caught up in the drama, she's practically tailor-made for the wild ride of the beloved Bachelor spinoff, don't you think?!

Catch new episodes of The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Stream the next day on Hulu.

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