Roses and Drama! How Far Does Maria Georgas Get on Season 28 of 'The Bachelor'? (SPOILERS)

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Feb. 5 2024, Published 1:10 p.m. ET

Maria Georgas from Season 28 of 'The Bachelor.'
Source: Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Spoilers: This article contains major spoilers for Season 28 of The Bachelor.

Season 28 of The Bachelor is in full swing, with sparks flying left and right! Many ladies are already developing strong connections with leading man Joey Graziadei, including the lovely Maria Georgas. From the moment they met outside the stunning Bachelor mansion, Joey's been yearning for just a little more of her enchanting charm.

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As the episodes unfold, their connection deepens, leaving fans wondering if Maria is the missing puzzle piece in Joey's love life. Could she be the "lifelong doubles partner" he's been searching for all along? Read on to find out just how far Maria gets on Season 28 of The Bachelor!

Maria and Joey sit and laugh during Season 28 of 'The Bachelor.'
Source: ABC
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How far does Maria get on Season 28 of 'The Bachelor'?

Dear fellow romantics, prepare to have your hearts broken. According to reality TV guru Reality Steve, Maria makes it to the hometown dates — but sadly, that's where her Bachelor journey ends.

During the dreaded rose ceremony, Joey leaves Maria high and dry without a rose, choosing to continue his search for true love with Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance. The specifics of Maria's late elimination are shrouded in mystery, but it's a safe bet that Joey bids her farewell because he sensed they weren't a perfect match.

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Maria finds herself entangled in some drama with Sydney Gordon.

Since the start of the season, Maria has had her heart set on forming a deep connection with Joey, hoping to uncover if he's her future husband. However, the Canadian beauty's journey takes an unexpected detour as she gets caught up in some early-season drama with fellow contestant Sydney Gordon.

Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon from Season 28 of 'The Bachelor.'
Source: Disney/Richard Middlesworth
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In the second episode, Madina Alam opens up to the others about her age insecurities (at 31, she's the oldest woman of Season 28). She shares her feelings of time pressure, regretting her admission almost as soon as it leaves her lips.

Not long after, Sydney catches wind of Maria chatting with another contestant about Madina's remarks. Maria shrugs off the idea of feeling "insecure" about age, confidently stating in a confessional that, just like Madina, she's older than Joey (she's 29). In a candid moment, Maria remarks, "Madina, you are 31. Own it. Joey probably loves it," claiming that Joey wouldn't view 31 as too old but rather as an "advantage" for Madina.

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Chaos ensues as Sydney wastes no time in informing Madina, and soon enough, the whole group is cozied up on the couch as Sydney confronts Maria about the perceived belittlement of Madina's feelings.

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Maria, taken aback, asks for clarification, but Sydney dismisses her request and doubles down on the issue. According to Sydney, it's all about tone, especially Maria's seemingly nonchalant comment about being "old too." Maria defends her stance, explaining that she doesn't view women in their late twenties and early thirties as old. Yet Sydney remains firm, accusing Maria of downplaying Madina's insecurities and poking fun at her vulnerabilities.

In response, Maria acknowledges Sydney's concerns, stating, "You're right. I respect that she's going through that. Let me promise you something. I would never, ever age shame someone."

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Maria expresses empathy for Madina but urges her to embrace her age, affirming that not only does she find Madina to be a "hot" 31-year-old, but also beautiful inside and out. Maria then requests Sydney to approach her directly in the future, and Sydney assures her that she will (she probably won't, though).

Maria apologizes to the other women, expressing her desire to avoid escalating the situation. Later, in a confessional, she reflects, "This was so dumb. That was probably the dumbest fight [in] Bachelor history." We couldn't agree more!

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