If You're Getting a Bunch of Doordash Verification Codes, Here's What to Do

Using food delivery apps is great — until it's not. If you're getting multiple Doordash verification codes you didn't ask for, this could be why.

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May 16 2022, Published 12:16 p.m. ET

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For years now, food delivery apps have been a huge part of life. Not only are they convenient, but they give you tons of food options that aren't in your fridge. Despite that, this technology isn't always as hassle-free as it seems.

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When you sign up for new delivery apps like Doordash, you are asked for a verification code. It's typically a one-time thing meant to match you and your deliveries to your phone. But some users are saying that they are getting numerous codes, seemingly for no reason. What's going on? If you're experiencing this problem, here's what it could mean for you and what you should do about it.

Why do I keep getting Doordash verification codes?

Unfortunately, there could be a number of reasons why this is happening. The simplest reason is that it could just be a glitch. If this is the case, there's nothing you can do about it directly since the issue is on the back-end of the app. However, it can't hurt to change your password for extra safety.

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On Reddit, some say that getting multiple verification codes is part of a phishing scam. People could be trying to get access to your account so that when you try to buy food, they get the payment instead of the app. In this case, it's essential to change your password and consider setting up 2-step verification on your account. This way, you get a randomized code from a completely separate app to ensure that you're the only person who has access to it.

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According to Komando, getting unrequested verification codes on any account could be a sign that there has already been a data breach and your account details have already been comprised. In this case, change your password and check cybersecurity databases to make sure your information hasn't already leaked online or fallen into the wrong hands.

Regardless of the reason, getting multiple verification codes that you didn't ask for should be looked into. Reaching out to Doordash itself could give you more insight as to what's going on exactly so you can find the best way to deal with any issues.

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