Ever Notice a Jeep With Rubber Ducks on the Dashboard? This Is What It Means

Sughnen Yongo - Author

May 25 2023, Published 1:56 p.m. ET

The Jeep brand has built a loyal fan base who all have a seemingly strong bond and a sense of shared solidarity. They also share buyer solidarity with the different car brands that Jeep offers. From Wranglers to Cherokees, there is a type of Jeep for every Jeep enthusiast, and they are all bound by this sacred creed. Now, many of these esteemed Jeep heads have added a spin to the love of their automobile: Jeep ducks.

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In case you haven't noticed, in recent years, a peculiar trend has taken over social media and the Jeep stratosphere. This Jeep duck era is like an added layer to the Jeep code of conduct that brings Jeep owners closer, whether they're embarking on road trips or simply running errands. It's a bit like the secret camaraderie fostered by cruising rubber ducks.

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So, why do Jeeps have ducks?

Unlike safety gadgets, Jeep ducks are all about fun and adding an extra touch of excitement to your Jeep driving experience. The trend started when Jeep owners across the nation got creative by leaving rubber duckies on other Jeeps as part of the Jeep ducks phenomenon! Now, what turned into an inside joke and a random act of kindness among Jeep enthusiasts has become an adorable, heart-warming movement, just for the fun of it.

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How did this rubber duckie trend start?

According to the Taunton Daily Gazette, the trend started up north in Ontario, Canada. Allison Parliament was the fearless innovator of the movement that sparked the trend. Before we continue, let's just say it wasn't your typical polite-Canadian encounter that inspired this automobile accessory revolution.

Allison, who also worked down south in Alabama at the time, was back in the Great White North, fresh out of a two-week quarantine and all geared up to resume her Canadian adventures. She happened to stop at a gas station one fateful day, and as she stepped out of the vehicle, a stranger approached her, grabbed her shoulders, forcefully shoved her back into her vehicle, and unleashed a barrage of choice words at her, saying that she wasn't welcome in Canada.

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The whole attack seemed to stem from pandemic-related concerns surrounding her Alabama license plate. Who would've thought a license plate could cause such a ruckus? After the ugly incident — and in a stroke of pure whimsy — Allison reportedly bought a rubber duck, left a warm message on it, and left it on a stranger's parked Jeep nearby.

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The owner of the Jeep discovered the whimsical gesture and couldn't help but find it downright hilarious! Allison posted the incident on Facebook and that sparked a quacking Jeep duckie revolution. So, if you ever find yourself in the midst of a Jeep ducking extravaganza, remember to thank Allison and her unforgettable experience for bringing this quirky craze to life! It's time to embrace the duck-side of Jeeping!

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