The Developers for 'Palworld' Are Working to Address Crashes on the Xbox Version

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 24 2024, Published 11:32 a.m. ET

While they say that no press is bad press, Palworld has received its fair share of non-aligned press since its early access release in January 2024. The indie game has players capture and battle with wild critters known as Pals, who can be equipped with firearms for some over-the-top combat. The game has been referred to by fans and critics as "Pokémon with guns" and has garnered plenty of attention and good early reception during its early access period.

However, the game has not escaped controversy.

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Since its early access release, Palworld has been accused of asset flip, plagiarism, and using AI-generated material within its game. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has already addressed content creators who have designed mods that turn the in-game Pals into actual Pokémon.

Amidst its ongoing divisiveness among gamers, the game is still in early access, leaving it prone to many bugs before its official release. As one of the most prominent, the game was crashing on Xbox. Like... a lot.

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'Palworld' was crashing a lot on Xbox, so the devs have tried to fix it.

As many gamers are aware of by now, playing a new title in early access means that game will inevitably have issues to address before its official release. Palworld is no different. In fact, both the Xbox version and the PC version of the game have been plagued by their own bugs and glitches since its early launch. On PC, some players were unable to get their controllers recognized in-game. In some instances, Palworld even lacked a button to quit the game after you were done playing.

On both versions, the game was even prone to crashes. Oftentimes, the game would barely even boot up, leaving players on a static black screen and unable to do anything in the game short of a forced shutdown. In some cases, the game seems to crash mid-play.

Even for early access, being unable to launch the game seems like a rather egregious oversight for what is slowly becoming one of the first big games of 2024. Knowing this, however, the dev team at Pocket Pair have already addressed the issue.

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In a tweet from the official Palworld account, the team confirmed that they had released an update for both versions that would supposedly address many of the currently-known glitches in the game. Among them, this patch also allegedly addresses crashing issues at start-up.

On social media, however, players are still reporting crashes in the middle of games and even losing game progress because of it.

While Pocket Pair has not stated an explicit reason for these crashes, the best explanation one may be able to offer is that the game is still in its early access phase. At this stage of development, the game is still in development and will be prone to all sorts of performance issues. Still, charging for early access to a game with this many bugs can easily become another con to Palworld's growing list.

The game is currently available on PC and Xbox platforms.

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