Fans Are Hating on 'Vanderpump Rules' Newbie Jo, but They Might Be Judging Too Soon

"Is she on drugs? Very possibly. Did she just crawl out of a dumpster because she saw a package of Oreos that were only halfway eaten? Most definitely."

Jamie Lerner - Author

Mar. 19 2024, Published 10:09 p.m. ET

Every season of Vanderpump Rules brings new drama, and while no drama will live up to the famous 2023 Scandoval, Jo Wenberg's entrance to the show is bringing some chaotic energy. Fans at home are hating Jo, while Tom Schwartz is loving her (maybe a little too much).

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But Jo is different from many of the other Vanderpump Rules cast members, which might be why people hate her. For example, she doesn’t work in Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant — she’s a hairstylist with arguably unstyled hair throughout most of the show. But why don’t fans like Jo?

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Fans don’t like Jo because she had a fling with Tom Schwartz right after his divorce from Katie.

Of all the cheating scandals that came out from Vanderpump Rules, Tom’s relationship with Jo isn’t quite part of the deal. However, for people who love Katie, Jo is enemy number one. Basically, right after Katie and Tom’s divorce, Tom and Jo became roommates after a years-long friendship. And all of a sudden, they had a fling, although it was never official.

Tom and Jo were incredibly tight-lipped about their former fling. While they seem to be open about it now as platonic friends, their relationship has longtime Vanderpump Rules fans questioning what really went on behind closed doors. One Redditor shared they heard, “When Katie left Schwartz and filed for divorce, Jo sent Katie a long, sweet message about how she was there for her and supported her. She then turned around and started sleeping with Schwartz.”

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Also, fans have found out through various sources and sleuthing that Jo was going on double dates with Schwartz, Sandoval, and Rachel before the cheating scandal broke. This means that Jo was one of the few people who knew about Tom Sandoval’s affair, but she didn’t tell Ariana about it, which makes her part of the Scandoval problem.

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People also don’t like Jo because of her chaotic and kooky energy.

Some might not like a woman with kooky energy — Jo isn’t afraid to be silly and weird. Fans have likened her persona to a Kristen Wiig SNL character or to “a raccoon on its first day after becoming human,” which is uncomfortable to watch for fans used to media-trained reality television personalities. However, for those of us who like to see a wide array of personalities, Jo is a refreshing change of scenery.

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But fans suspect that Jo might get some of her energy from cocaine. Schwartz is knowingly a party boy, and it seems like Jo enjoys matching his party boy energy with drinks and potentially other substances. Some Vanderpump Rules fans don’t love this, especially because it has “pick me girl” energy. But others are pretty entertained by Jo and enjoy her distinct personality.

“I think she’s a wacky gal and entertaining to watch for that raccoon energy,” another Redditor responded. “Is she on drugs? Very possibly. Did she just crawl out of a dumpster because she saw a package of Oreos that were only halfway eaten? Most definitely. Is she fascinated by shiny objects including balls of discarded aluminum foil — 100 percent. And I love to see it.”

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So do we! People hate on Jo, but we’re on board with a little change-up in the world of Vanderpump Rules.

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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