Bryce Hall Is Moving out of Sway House, but Does This Mean the House Is Over?


Aug. 17 2021, Published 9:49 a.m. ET

Thanks in part to the roster of stars living under one roof, Sway House has become famous within the TikTok community. The house has gone through a number of different iterations, and members have come and gone in the past. Following Bryce Hall's recent confirmation that he's moving out of Sway House, though, there are some who are concerned about what that may mean for the future of the house.

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Why is Bryce Hall leaving Sway House?

Sway House was designed as a creative collective that featured Bryce, Blake Gray, Noah Beck, Kio Cyr, Anthony Reeves, and a number of other famous male TikTok users. The crew even had a reality show that chronicled their life in the house.

In a recent TikTok video, Bryce revealed that he was moving out of the house. The video comes just days after he confirmed that he would be leaving.

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Many have naturally begun to wonder what led to Bryce to leave the house, and based on his TikToks, it seems like the move has at least a little bit to do with strife between Bryce and other members of Sway House. Along with a small clip of the empty house, Bryce shared the caption: “Goodbye sway… never talking to any of u again (maybe some)."

The TikTok star didn't offer any more detail on why he had fallen out with the other members of Sway, but it seems clear that the rift between him and the other members of the house was fairly severe. Bryce first revealed the news that he was leaving Sway House on August 11, when he tweeted simply "I left Sway." He also shared photos of the empty house on his Instagram page.

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Sway House has been officially over for months now.

Although Bryce's decision to move out of the house signaled that Sway House was losing some major star wattage, the house has been formally over for some time now. The house was first created by TalentX Entertainment in January of 2020, and the TikTok stars were brought in to create engaging content on TikTok both on their own and by collaborating with one another.

Source: TikTok
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In an interview with Forbes at the time, TalentX Vice President of Talent Michael Gruen explained that the group was actually pretty easy to assemble. “The guys in the house have been best friends for quite some time," he said. "Most of them went on tour last summer together, so this group was easy to assemble.”

Sway House formally ended just a little over a year after it began.

In an interview with People, Michael said that the house would continue, but only in a more informal capacity. “If you view Sway as a content collective that lives together and is with each other every day, then yes, it’s over," he explained. "Sway was always about a bigger message, and that will never die.”

Now that Bryce has left the house, it's unclear whether even that more casual version of the house will remain.

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