A Reminder That DeLuca Is in Jail and Meredith Was Fired on 'Grey's' So Things Are NOT Good

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Feb. 23 2021, Updated 11:31 a.m. ET

Andrew DeLuca
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Though we've come to expect it after 15 seasons, things are really not going well on Grey's Anatomy. The long running ABC drama is coming back with its sixteenth season, and there are a lot of changes coming to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — and the local jail. When we left off with Dr. Andrew DeLuca, he was in jail for taking the fall for Meredith's actions. But what exactly were these complicated actions?

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Why is DeLuca in jail on Grey's Anatomy? And did his romantic way of taking the fall for Meredith prove to her once and for all that he really cares? Details on how Season 15 left us with the DeLuca-Meredith love story.

Why is DeLuca in jail on Grey's Anatomy?

When Derek Shepherd died in a car accident gone very wrong on Season 11, we thought that Meredith might not find another epic love story on the show. But, she dated some duds — no offense to Dr. Nathan Riggs — before she connected with DeLuca, who was really there all along (well, maybe not, since he was dating Meredith's sister at one point).

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Meredith and DeLuca embarked on a physical relationship at the beginning of Season 15, and he continually tested her to prove that there wasn't more of a connection. Meredith, being Meredith of course, wouldn't let herself be completely happy, and she even toyed with a love triangle including Dr. Link.

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Things fell apart for the finally happy couple when Meredith performed an operation on a patient who didn't have health insurance because she was in America under asylum. Meredith still operated on the patient, and she even used her daughter's name to give the patient the illusion of health insurance on paper.

 It was discovered when the health insurance company came to the hospital and Dr. Bailey and Catherine Fox realized what had happened. 

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When DeLuca was brought in for questioning, he ended up taking responsibility for the insurance fraud, even though he was not actually involved. He was carted off to jail, and he noted that it wouldn't have been fair to Meredith's three kids for her to go to prison.

Alex and Richard also take part of the blame in the issue, by saying that they knew what Meredith was doing and they failed to stop her. The pair, along with Andrew, were all fired from the hospital.

Of course, the season ended on a huge cliffhanger, as Meredith ultimately confessed her actions to Dr. Bailey, and then we see her at the police station filing a report.

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Are DeLuca and Meredith Grey still together?

Because DeLuca has been in jail, the two weren't able to spend any quality time together in the season finale. Understandably, the two were more focused on the insurance fraud issue than dissecting their feelings for one another. With it looking like Meredith will take the fall for her insurance fraud issue, there's another wrench in their romance. 

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But, now that Meredith has seen the heroism it took for DeLuca to take responsibility for her fraud issues, perhaps she'll finally let herself be happy in the relationship. The two did exchange "I love you's" while speaking through the prison glass, so things between them seem to be on good terms ahead of the new season.

Because it's Grey's Anatomy and we need Meredith Grey on the show, it's not likely that Meredith will be seeing any long jail sentence on the show.

Find out how the Season 15 cliffhangers are resolved on Grey's Anatomy, which airs on Shonda Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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