'Jersey Shore' Fans Think They Know Why Nikki Isn't in Season 6 of 'Family Vacation'

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Feb. 16 2023, Published 2:25 p.m. ET

Ever since Nikki and Pauly D became official on Season 2 of Double Shot at Love, she's been part of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She slid into place as a main cast member and the other roommates took an immediate liking to her. But in Season 6, Nikki is MIA and while some viewers don't know why Nikki isn't on Jersey Shore, others have theories about her absence.

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So, why is Nikki not on 'Jersey Shore' anymore?

Nikki hasn't shared publicly why she isn't in Season 6 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. But some fans believe it's because she and Pauly D aren't happy about the way their scenes together are edited. Or, according to fans, cut completely from the show.

On a reddit thread in March 2022, fans shared that both Pauly D and Nikki liked tweets asking why they weren't featured together as much as other cast members in Season 5.

Nikki and Pauly D
Source: MTV
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The same comment claimed that Nikki and Pauly D don't typically live tweet with new episodes as they air, like other cast members do. So one viable reason why Nikki isn't on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation could be that the couple wants to take a break from sharing what little of their relationship actually makes it to air.

Another reddit discussion suggested that Nikki may not like the majority of the cast and that's why she's not on the show right now. But a fan commented that Nikki gets along with the cast. According to the same fan and redditor, however, Nikki is often criticized by viewers.

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"I doubt she dislikes any of them," the redditor shared. "I just see her reactions to them and she doesn't want to get involved in their drama. On top of that, [Jersey Shore] fans still pick her apart no matter what she says or does."

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Nikki and Angelia aren't exactly besties on 'Jersey Shore.'

Nikki and Angelina didn't get along in Season 5 of Jersey Shore': Family Vacation. While it's common for Angelina to start arguments with the roomies or make enemies out of them before making up, she did spill wine on Nikki and started a water and wine fight with her.

It's possible that the incident and Angelina's continued presence on the show caused Nikki to want to take a step back from filming, at least for now.

Are Nikki and Pauly D still together?

The one thing we can be sure of is that Nikki and Pauly D are still together. Although they don't often share Instagram posts about each other, Pauly D left a flirtatious comment on a post of hers from Feb. 13.

So just in case fans are concerned that a breakup is the cause of Nikki's absence on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, that definitely doesn't seem to be the case.

Watch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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