Marvin Achi Was Suddenly Replaced on 'Big Brother', but No One Knows Why

'AGT' contestant Marvin Achi was going to appear on 'Big Brother' season 24, but was replaced at the last minute, leading some to wonder why.


Jul. 6 2022, Published 12:55 p.m. ET

Just hours after it was announced that America's Got Talent contestant Marvin Achi would be joining the house for Big Brother's 24th season, news broke that he had been replaced in the cast by Joseph Abdin, a 24-year-old lawyer from Florida. Following the news that Marvin had left the cast, many were naturally curious about the reasons for his departure, and whether they had anything to do with AGT.

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Why was Marvin Achi replaced on 'Big Brother'?

No reason was given for Marvin's replacement when the news was announced, which has naturally left many wondering what the reason for the shift might be. There was also a last-minute shift in the cast ahead of last season's premiere, but that was because of the pandemic. This year, the reasons seem to be a bit more mysterious.

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It has yet to be confirmed, but many suspect that Marvin was removed from the cast at the last minute because of obligations he had related to America's Got Talent. Many suspected that he wouldn't make it far enough into the competition for there to be a conflict, but it seems that may not be the case. Of course, the exact reasons for Marvin's departure have yet to be publicly announced.

One source suggested that Marvin was in a "talent hold."

In speaking with, a source familiar with AGT suggested that any contestant who makes it to the live rounds of the competition is on a "talent hold" with the network for several months. In essence, that means they can't perform their act elsewhere or appear on other networks until they have been removed from that hold. Marvin auditioned for the judges during Week 2 of the series, and received three "yeses" from the judges.

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Given the fact that he auditioned for Big Brother, though, many have assumed that he did not make it to the live shows and assumed that he would be able to compete as a result. Some have theorized that NBC caught wind that he had been cast on Big Brother and decided they wanted him to return to AGT instead.

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Marvin conducts live experiments on stage.

In his audition, Marvin, who is a 28-year-old Nigerian-born engineer, explained that he had discovered something that he wanted to share with the show's audience. He began by pouring chemicals into various containers, and then "accidentally" spilled everything over and onto his shirt. Once he had gotten his shirt dirty, he took it off and proceeded to show the audience his skill at clapping his abs together.

He received yes votes from Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, a no from Howie Mandel, and then a yes from Simon Cowell after he heard how well the audience reacted to him. Marvin may not be joining Big Brother, but it's unclear when he might show up on AGT again. Either way, it's clear that Marvin is doing pretty well for himself in the world of reality TV at the moment.

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