TimTheTatman and Nickmercs Had Their Bundles Removed From 'Call of Duty' — Here's Why

The TimTheTatman and Nickmercs skins are no longer in 'Modern Warfare II'. Here's a closer look at what happened to the 'Call of Duty' bundles.

Jon Bitner - Author

Jun. 12 2023, Published 3:44 p.m. ET

If you or someone you know is a member of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning community and need support, the LGBT National Help Center provides free and confidential resources.

As one of the most popular multiplayer games on the planet, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has seen its fair share of collaborations. However, a few popular skins have recently been pulled from the storefront — including those of TimTheTatman and Nickmercs.

Here’s a closer look at why TimTheTatman’s COD bundle was removed, along with details about Nickmercs and why the creator’s bundle was also pulled from the game.

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Why was the TimTheTatman COD bundle removed?

After Nickmercs Call of Duty bundle was removed from the store following his anti-LGBTQ remarks, TimTheTatman asked Activision to also remove his bundle from Modern Warfare II. Activision granted the creator's request, and you can no longer find the TimTheTatman collaboration in the game.

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“Nickmercs has been my friend for years — we went in getting our COD operators together,” said TimtheTatman on Twitter. “It feels wrong for me to have mine and him no longer have his. In support of my friend, please remove the TimTheTatman bundle.”

Folks were quick to blast TimTheTatman for this reaction, calling out the hypocrisy of such a move.

“The sexual harassment at Activision didn’t make y’all blink but removing a skin is just too far? Y’all are all the same,” a fan said.

Others note that TimTheTatman’s background as a social worker should clue him in that Nickmerc's words are dangerous to children, and he should have used this as a time to educate his friend. Some say that unless they issue a refund for purchases, this is a clear case of virtue signaling.

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Nickmercs’ anti-LGBTQ remarks forced Activision to remove his 'Call of Duty' bundle.

This entire saga began when Nickmercs posted an anti-LGBTQ comment to Twitter. The creator was commenting on a post about LGBT demonstrators outside a school that were being attacked by anti-LGBT protestors.

The schoolboard was in the process of recognizing June as Pride month, and the demonstrators were there to show their support for the initiative before being assaulted by anti-LGBT protestors.

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Nickmercs responded to the post by saying that “they should leave the children alone” and that the demonstrators getting attacked wasn’t a “real issue.”

This response is a common one used in the homophobic community, and it quickly led to Activision walking back on its collaboration with Nickmercs. The creator would later go on to issue a statement on the matter:

“Friends are created in good times, but families are built through adversity,” wrote Nickmercs. “Appreciate all of you that have my back, understand my position as a new father & recognize the love I have for all. Ain’t no hate in this heart.”

Many folks called out this apology as fake, saying that it doesn’t do anything to mitigate the damage caused by his original statement.

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“This was your reaction on an assault that happened to LGBTQ protestors,” wrote one Twitter user. "But sure you're all about love and peace.”

Activision is currently celebrating Pride Month and was present during the Pride Parade in Los Angeles on June 11. It’s unclear if either Nickmercs or TimTheTatman’s skins will ever reappear in Call of Duty, but for now, it seems to be a permanent move.

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