'Little Couple' Star Jen Arnold Responds to Son Will Klein's Controversial TikTok Dance


Sep. 19 2023, Updated 9:01 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Will Klein is the son of Little Couple stars, Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein.
  • He faced mild backlash after posting a video of himself dancing on TikTok.
  • The video showed Will doing fairly standard dance moves, but Little Couple fans didn't approve of the song choice, which featured profanity and celebrated doing cocaine.
  • His mom, Dr. Jen Arnold, responded to the controversy on Instagram.
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Whether you're the star of a reality show or not, parenting always comes with challenges. Little Couple stars Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein discovered that recently when their son, Will, posted a controversial video online. The video was quickly deleted, but not before it generated fairly substantial backlash across the internet.

Naturally, the news that they had taken the video down so fast led many to wonder what it actually contained. Thankfully, we've got everything you need to know about the incident, including the details of what was in that now-deleted video.

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What dance was Will Klein doing in his deleted TikTok video?

Will posted the video to his Instagram page, and it featured him dancing to the Three 6 Mafia song "Half on a Sack," which features both vulgarity and profanity throughout. The song is also, more generally, about how great it is to do cocaine. Will, who is 13, sparked immediate backlash after posting the video, mostly from fans who were shocked by how vulgar the lyrics were.

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"Wow, I’m shocked your parents would allow you to listen to this garbage," one person wrote in the comments.

"Don’t think mom and Dad would approve of this song! Who’s monitoring his social media?" another person added.

"Cool dance Will! But I'm sure your parents will be disappointed about the song choices," a third person wrote.

Clearly, the consensus online was that this song was inappropriate, regardless of how good Will's dancing might have been.

Will has posted clips of himself dancing in the past, but those clips have never generated the kind of controversy that the family quickly faced after this video was posted online.

Of course, as Will gets older, his interests will naturally mature, and there's no sense in attempting to keep a kid from being exposed to those kinds of lyrics indefinitely. In this case, he may or may not have completely understood what the lyrics were about. Either way, all teenagers makes mistakes and learn from them.

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Source: Instagram/@jenarnoldmd

The family behind Little Couple is certainly used to receiving much more positive responses to their online content, though, and try to keep things pretty wholesome on social media. That's part of the reason that fans may have been so upset about Will's more vulgar video, and likely why the family ultimately made the decision to take the video down.

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There was nothing in the dance itself that was particularly problematic. It was a fairly standard video when you put aside the song Will chose to dance to. As he gets older, this may not be the last time that he does something that causes a bit of controversy in his family. It's all part of learning and growing up.

Source: Instagram

Dr. Jen took to Instagram and asked that we all collectively give the kid a break. Which of us in our youth didn't do profoundly stupid things? In this era of outrage and canceling, does some teen dancing to an inappropriate song really constitute the end of the world? People seriously need to get a life and stop worrying so much about stuff like this.

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