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20 Times Wish App Shoppers Got Hilariously Duped



The Wish app is where you can buy super cheap versions of more expensive things, plus products that you never even thought would exist. However, they are notorious for selling you one thing and sending you something that looks nothing like the picture. People are sharing their most spectacular Wish purchase fails, and they are glorious...ly bad. Without further ado...

Giant AirPods

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These are literally AirPods fit for a giant and no one else. Maybe they're speakers? How do these even exist? Anyway, this person certainly did not mean to purchase these.


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Although this person might be able to use the micrometer that they got in the mail, it certainly is not the high-tech digital micrometer they ordered. This is the chance you take when you buy something on Wish, people!

Christmas cookie cutters

Source: Reddit

Hm, yeah, these very clearly aren't Christmas cookie cutters in the traditional sense. Looks like these have more of a beach vibe, which I guess works if you celebrate Christmas in, like, Florida or something. 

Sexy shirt

Source: Reddit

Something about that photo on the right makes me love everything about this shirt. I simply can't get enough of it. The dude on the left? I want no part of his schtick. The guy on the right, though? I think we could be best friends.

"Sakteobard" sneakers

Source: Reddit

Look, all the letters are there. You want them in the correct order, that's going to be extra. At least these look usable, which is more than you can say for a lot of the items on this list. 

Michael Meyers mask

Source: Reddit

I don't know what it is about that knockoff Michael Meyers mask, but it is maybe the least scary thing I have ever seen in my life. He looks like he's about to be like, "Hey guys, got any snacks?"

Winter hat

Source: Reddit

In the Before Times, I would have been like, "This guy got totally schooled by this website!" but now I'm like, "Hey, if you cut eye holes in this thing, that could be a pretty good mask."

Living room rug

Source: Reddit

To be honest, the rug on the left is very purple, and I think the good people at Wish were just trying to save this person some buyer's remorse. Because yikes.

Toilet paper

Source: Reddit

Yeah, don't buy toilet paper on the Wish app, unless you mean to buy toilet paper for your dollhouse, a thing that you, a grown adult, should not have, unless you are secretly a 13-year-old who got magically put in a 30-year-old's body and you have to find your childhood dollhouse to so you can go back in time and kiss 13-year-old Mark Ruffalo.

Phone case

Source: Reddit

The image is hilarious, but when you read the note, it gets that much sweeter. "We didn't have what you wanted, so we sent you something similar to let you know how much we absolutely detest you." Priceless.

Pickle Rick pipe

Source: Reddit

I cannot handle this knockoff Pickle Rick. This thing is clearly cursed. One must never smoke out of it. One must instead, hike a minimum of 15 miles into the woods and bury it at least 10 feet under the ground. Then, one must never speak of it again. Only then will it stop haunting all your dreams.

Crocheted blanket

Source: Reddit

Oh, it wasn't clear that this was a "DIY" blanket project? That's on you. Wish provides the giant yarn, you provide the giant crochet hook and similarly giant AirPods to listen to music while you make it. 

Face masks

Source: Reddit

This person was about to use this face mask, but then they turned the package over. Chances are it's just a translation mishap and that this face mask won't actually break your face, but who's going to be the first to test that? Not I. 

Computer mouse

Source: Reddit

That mouse on the left is badass. The one on the right is the most regular computer mouse I have ever seen. Seriously, it doesn't get more basic than that. What a shame.

Wooden watch

Source: Reddit

I am absolutely baffled by the design of the watch on the right. Who chooses to include only three of the numbers? And who makes those numbers 8, 9, and 10?! Truly a mystery. 

Cast-iron skillet

Source: Reddit

If you paid $3 for a cast-iron skillet, you probably paid too little, and you probably won't get a human-sized cast-iron skillet. This person had the opposite problem of the giant AirPod guy, but it's just as devastating.

Elephant socks

Source: Reddit

First of all, those aren't elephants. Those are monkeys. And second of all, I regret to inform you that it seems that the baby monkey on the side is, um, breastfeeding. These are breastfeeding monkey socks. Breastfeeding. Monkey. Socks. Breastfeeding. Monkey. Socks

Genie mask

Source: Reddit

The thing about the genie from Aladdin is that his face does not resemble a human face. Seems like they didn't really think about that before they concocted this monstrosity. On the plus side, she could totally scare some small children now.

Sheer dress

Source: Reddit

Uh, I don't know if this person really thought they were going to get...whatever this is, but I'm not the least bit surprised that it didn't look like the picture on the left when it arrived. None of these sexy, sheer dresses ever do. 

Not quite how they looked

Source: Reddit

OK the pants are a disaster, and it's maybe not even the same color??? But the top kind of actually works, so we're going to call this one a win! Hallelujah! They said it couldn't be done, folks. And they were mostly right. 

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