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25 Times People Definitely Regretted Their Online Purchases



When you buy something online, you should make sure to read the fine print. All of it. Dimensions, weight, product features. Because even when you do all of that, you're still taking a risk in paying for something you've never actually seen before. The people on this list definitely regret their decisions to shop online. They failed in the most spectacular and hilarious of ways.

Doll rug

ACTDOYOPBYBI! (Always Check the Dimensions of Your Online Purchase Before Your Buy It!) Remember that crazy long acronym every time you are about to hit "Order." Otherwise you'll end up with a rug made for holl houses. 

Not to scale

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This bathroom scale, well, let's just say it's definitely not to scale. Ba-dum, ch!! I'll be here all week. No seriously, I live and work here. I'm not going anywhere.

Wedding rings

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This poor couple ordered matching wedding bands online, not realizing that these are apparently rings for ants. I hope they put them on a chain and wore them as necklaces, though. That's a good story.

Heavy-duty boots

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He ordered the image on the left but got the silly rain boot on the right. It's safe to say he won't be motocrossing or snowboarding or whatever those boots are meant for anytime soon.

Face mask

Source: Reddit

Sometimes, it's so hard to tell the scale of things. If you just saw an image of that face mask with nothing else to show the scale, you too would probably think it would fit a regular human face. What is a face mask that small for, anyway?

Security tags

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This person ordered two shirts from Old Navy's website, but they were shipped hundreds of security tags and a coupon instead. To be fair, it's a pretty good coupon.


Source: Reddit

Oh noooooooo. You can't wear that shirt! It just looks like you're endorsing racism. That you loooove racism. If you wear that, it's going to look like you're the poster child for racism. 

Unicorn float

Source: Instagram

While many people end up buying things online that are way too small, sometimes the opposite happens. And you end up with an entire room dedicated to your new unicorn pool float. I bet they were blowing it up going, "This seems really big. Is it really big? No, it can't be that big. Oh no, it's that big."

Sneaker head

I love this so much. Not only does he have Yeezys but now he is a Yeezy. Not many people can say that. He should feel really honored.

Cutout dress

Source: Twitter

When you take a close look at the pic on the right, you can see that it is extremely photoshopped and unrealistic. Then, when you look at the actual dress, you realize why they did all that work, if you will.


Source: Reddit

This poor woman thought she was buying a regular-sized dustpan, but this came in the mail. The only possibly reason this exists is that giants are real. Right?

Long jeans

ASOS should have three size categories when it comes to length: Short, Regular, and Slender Man. Because these are definitely jeans for Slender Man.

Mint dress

Source: Facebook

Oh noooo. This poor woman ordered her wedding dress online, and not only is the dress cheaply made, but it's green. Actually, it's two completely different shades of green. I can't look at it anymore. My face is turning the color of the dress.

Sneaker bottoms

Source: Reddit

This is hilarious. It looks like a case where they accidentally stuck the wrong-sized bottom to the rest of the sneaker, realized their mistake, and then mailed it off anyway like, "Maybe they won't notice."

"I'm a pepper"

Source: Reddit

Hm. For some reason, "I'm a pepper" doesn't quite have the same effect as "Trust me, I'm a Dr." That being said, I would 100 percent still wear the t-shirt that says, "I'm a pepper" because that's hilarious.

Knit top

Source: Reddit

I absolutely love that this woman's first thought was, "The shirt is way too small for my daughter. Maybe it will fit the cat." The review sends me. "It does cover all of the cat's nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat."

Cat sack

This trend of testing out too-small products on your cat? I love it. I would scroll endlessly through an Instagram account dedicated to the idea. A cat in a backpack is a top-notch image. Inject it into my veins.


Source: Facebook

I truly believe a jumpsuit is something that must be tried on in person before you buy it. Every body is different, and a jumpsuit will highlight everything that's the least bit different from the body of the person modeling it. 

"Blond girl"

Source: Twitter

This person asked for a "blond girl" on top of their cake, but it autocorrected to "blind," and this is what they got. Damn you, autocorrect! Always go back and read the instructions you include in your online order. Otherwise this will happen to you, too.

Garbage bag

Source: Reddit

This person bought a punching bag from a Chinese company for $20. It sounded too good to be true, and it was because on the first use, the bag tore open and revealed itself to be full of garbage. Legit that's just a bunch of trash. 

Animal pillow case

Source: Imgur

Tricky, tricky. You thought the pillow case would be just the dinosaur, didn't you? You didn't know you were also getting the kid, did you? Now you feel like a straight-up creep, don't you? 

Horny PJs

If you don't look closely enough at the pattern, sometimes it will escape you that you actually ordered the sexiest pair of pajamas you can buy. Those are orgy pajamas! Honestly, that makes them even better for me. I want to congratulate her on her purchase. 

Tall teddy bear

Source: Reddit

That giant teddy bear's legs are way too long. It's to the point where it makes me feel like there's a person hiding in there and one day they're going to get up and walk away. I hate it.

Alien balloons

Source: Reddit

These alien balloons made me spit out my water. They always look good on the packaging, but make sure you see a picture of one actually blown up before you buy them. Although, I wouldn't pass up seeing this little alien face nubbin for the world. So it's a double-edged sword.

"I want to leave"

Source: Reddit

Speaking of aliens... This patch doesn't quite have the same sentiment as the one this person thought they were buying. It's not wrong, though. Spend enough time on the internet, and you'll want to leave too. 

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