"I Knew Immediately Something Wasn't Right" — Woman Accidentally Deletes Entire Store Inventory

We've all made mistakes at work, but (hopefully) none this bad. This woman was just following directions, but the results were disastrous.

Allison Hunt - Author

Sep. 22 2023, Published 4:40 p.m. ET

TikTok is here for the good: cute dog videos, inspirational quotes, tarot readings. TikTok is also here for the bad. We don't mean bad content necessarily, but like people sharing their bad experiences. While some of them are incredibly sad, others can just make us feel a bit better about ourselves ... because at least it didn't happen to us.

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That might sound harsh but you all know the feeling when you see something and you think, "At least it wasn't me." That is exactly what we thought when a woman shared how she accidentally zeroed out the inventory at her store.

Here's what happened.

This woman accidentally zeroed out her entire store inventory!

TikTok user @2beach2surf took to the app to describe what happened to her at work that day. The video starts with her saying, "I do inventory now. I go in early and I do inventory which works out great. It's great, right? It's great. It's all great. It's all great." It soon becomes clear that she's being sarcastic and her day was actually not that great.

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"Today is my first day to do it on my own," she continues. "I followed my little sheet of paper. I trust that whoever made the f------ piece of paper knew what they were talking about. You would think right?"

The woman continues saying that, "I followed it to a T. Very literal. Everything that f------ piece of paper said to do, I did cause I'm a little A student ... I just do what I'm told. I did everything the paperwork said including click a button. Click a button that says 'zero all.' It said right on the paperwork 'click it,' so I clicked it."

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At this point, anyone who has worked retail (or who understands what the phrase "zero all" means) is probably having a panic attack. And let me tell you, friends — that reaction is completely warranted. Watch the video to hear the whole story:

The woman then describes how she, "knew immediately that something wasn't right," even though she had just been following instructions. She couldn't stop thinking about it so she decided to tell the manager what happened. The manager freaked out and told her that she shouldn't have clicked "zero all," and that you have to "filter it by brand," — even though that wasn't written on the instruction sheet.

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The manager then told her that she "zeroed out the store's entire inventory." The woman is very noticeably frustrated and fighting back tears in her eyes recalling what happened. The woman says that no one can buy anything because it all says zero.

The woman told her manager, "That's cool. Let me know the right way to do it next time, k?"

Now, obviously, we've all made mistakes at our jobs before — nobody's perfect! Until the day that robots take over every single job in existence, we're going to have to allow for some level of human error. Still, even though it's a perfectly normal occurrence, it's easy to imagine how awful this TikToker must have felt as soon as she realized her error.

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And the error wasn't even really her fault, as she points out in her video! We're laying the blame for this one squarely at the feet of whoever created that piece of paper that tells people to click "zero all"!

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Many of the commenters pointed out that the "zero all" button really shouldn't even exist, or at least shouldn't give one person the ability to completely delete 100 percent of the information without some kind of "are you sure you want to do that?" option.

Viewers were also super sympathetic to the TikToker's plight. "Rough days at work are the worst. Just the worst," one wrote. "Affects mood, self-esteem, outlook on life. I’m so sorry."

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On the bright side, this could be one way to ensure that you remain employed for a good long while. Someone is going to have to recount all of that stock, after all! Another silver lining is the fact that she'll probably never have a worse day than this one. It's all up from here!

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