Woman Thinks She Was Almost Abducted and Caught It on Camera

In a now-viral video, a woman named Courtney shares the shocking moment she was almost abducted while livestreaming at a post office.

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Sep. 21 2023, Published 8:55 a.m. ET

A TikTok user found herself in a frightening situation. The user thinks she was almost abducted while livestreaming and got all of it on video. Courtney Dye (@courtkneee2point0) was livestreaming while at a U.S. post office in August when the terrifying ordeal took place.

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In the livestream, which has since been posted in full, Courtney is handling her mail while inside the post office in Broken Arrow, Okla. The clip begins innocently as Courtney is examining her packages before shipping them. Here's what went down.

Woman thinks she was almost abducted and got it all on video.

Although the video starts off normal, it quickly takes a shocking turn. A woman enters from outside the frame and explains that she was lost and looking for help. “I’m lost but I don’t speak English very good,” the unidentified woman says. “I don’t know where I can go.”

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Courtney attempts to give directions but the woman suggests that she was unsure how to get to her destination from the post office. Courtney then offers to take the woman home and then the encounter gets weird.

The video cuts to Courtney having a conversation with the woman and suggests that the woman contact a highway patrol officer to help her find her way home. Courtney continues to ask the woman where she was coming from but wasn't able to get additional information. The woman simply repeated “I’m lost.”

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A police officer then entered the building, but it isn't clear who contacted the authorities. After Courtney recorded the livestream, her followers immediately requested a follow-up video.

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Courtney was unharmed in the potential abduction.

After Courtney posted the video of what she believes was an abduction attempt, her 16,000 TikTok followers demanded she provide an update on her wellbeing. “Please share a part two. The more awareness the better,” one person wrote. While others were thankful that Courtney was livestreaming the incident.

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In the second half of the livestream, which Courtney posted later, the responding police officer escorts the woman out of the post office. It isn't clear whether the woman was truly lost, but the officer was presumably able to help her get to her destination.

Courtney then explained that she went to the post office after dark to ship out packages for her customers. However, Courtney decided not to finish the task and left the post office out of fear that she was being watched.

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Other attempted abductions have been caught on camera.

Courtney had every right to weary of the lone woman in the post office, as kidnapping attempts have been captured on video in abundance. In January a video showing an man attempting to pull a barista through a Starbucks drive-thru window went viral. The video, shared by the Auburn Police Department, shows a man in a pickup truck grabbing an employee and attempting to place zip ties on her wrists.

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The man was later identified as Matthew Darnell, after he was arrested thanks to tips from viewers, according to Fox 13. Matthew was charged with attempted kidnapping in the second degree with a finding of sexual motivation. He was also charged with assault in the first degree.

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