Woman Changes Boyfriend's Apartment Aesthetic, Sparks Heated Debate

A woman recently renovated her boyfriend's apartment, and the public has presented mixed responses to the drastic changes. Check out the full story.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Nov. 13 2023, Published 10:54 a.m. ET

If you couldn't tell, muted palettes are taking over the world — and we don't like it at all. Instead of decorating their space with colors that liven up their lives, many homeowners embrace the neutral aesthetic to make their homes as bland (and miserable) as possible.

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Take it from TikTok creator Emma Ganzarain (@emmaganzarain), who recently faced the wrath of the internet after sharing the drastic changes she made to her boyfriend's apartment.

With that said, keep scrolling to see why people believe Emma's changes destroyed the "cozy" vibes.

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A woman has come under fire for redecorating her boyfriend's apartment.

In the viral video, posted on Nov. 2, 2023, Emma posted a few before and after photos of her boyfriend's apartment. If you take a look at the pictures, you'll quickly notice that she ditched the apartment's original warm and cozy interior in favor of a more basic and rather clinical look.

The apartment's rich colors and one-of-a-kind decor were nowhere to be found, as it now features plenty of dull tones and pristine furniture. In our humble opinion, it just looks depressing — and many viewers agree.

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Emma's clip has been viewed more than 7.7 million times as of this writing; it also received over 54,000 comments from fellow TikTokers who slammed Emma for the changes she made to her boyfriend's home.

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"His soul is no longer in that space," one person wrote in the comment section. "Stop trying to fix the men in your life and learn to love them for who they are and the way they want to decorate."

A second user said, "Yeaahhh, strip every spec of character and soul out of [your] living space, make it unliveable."

"Literally went from warm and cozy home to London office teapoint and break room," a third TikToker added.

Another person commented, "I would cry if someone switched up my interiors for sad beige."

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"sis he has STYLE. the before was SOO cute and had so much character"
Source: TikTok / @lilykltran

"The before is better," a TikTok user pointed out. "After is very clinical and cold. Patrick Bateman vibes."

Someone else replied, "It went from 'cozy home' to 'hospital waiting area.'"

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"Not me liking all the befores better because it's not just sad beige," a TikTok user revealed.

One viewer responded, "The old decor could've followed a more consistent scheme, but man, now it's just giving bland [catalog] without personality."

"This is what people mean when they say 'sad millennial grey,'" one person sadly penned.

Emma Ganzarain is shutting the haters down.

Despite the changes being met with overwhelmingly negative responses, Emma isn't letting the critics get to her. In fact, on Nov. 5, she uploaded another video of her boyfriend's apartment set to audio from 2023's Barbie, where the titular character says, "This is my Dreamhouse. It's Barbie's Dreamhouse, not Ken's Dreamhouse, right?"

"Well, he is allowed to have his Arsenal coffee mug in the living room sometimes," Emma added in the caption.

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On Nov. 9, Emma responded to the harsh comments again. She lip-synced a sound that stated, "Be confident, trust yourself, and never let anybody put you down. If anybody puts you down, it's because they're jealous."

What do you think? Would you hire Emma for all your interior design needs? Let us know!

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