"They Really Just Sent the Intern to CVS" — Folks Are Bashing This FabFitFun Subscription Box

A woman described her experience with having FabFitFun select the items from her monthly subscription and documented her reaction to the reveal.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 29 2023, Published 3:10 p.m. ET

Indecisiveness can make even the most enjoyable tasks, like shopping, a huge challenge. Fortunately, subscription boxes have made it easier to shop for your favorite things (and items you never knew you needed to own) monthly. The items are also delivered directly to your doorstep, allowing even the laziest people to cross one duty off of their list.

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FabFitFun is one subscription box that focuses on the beauty needs of ladies, men, and gender non-conforming alike. Launched in 2010, the company collaborates with several established beauty brands and allows its subscribers to curate their boxes online beforehand or be surprised with what they get each month.

One woman chose the latter option and shared on TikTok why she wished she hadn’t.

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A FabFitFun subscriber calls out the brand for delivering a “heinous” monthly box to her doorstep.

We all have a subscription or two that we don’t necessarily need but helps us get through our days just a little better. Whether it’s way too many streaming apps (guilty!!!!) or time-saving meal kits like HelloFresh and Home Chef, there’s never a price when it comes to convenience.

While most of us can appreciate splurging on a subscription that is a helpful tool to cope with the demands life brings, sometimes they might actually be a waste of money. TikToker Amanda McCay, who goes by @amandamccay on the app, discovered this fact the hard way.

In August 2023, Amanda recorded a TikTok of herself unboxing her monthly subscription from FabFitFun, which she referred to as “FitFabFun” in the video and its caption.

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During the TikTok, Amanda prefaced the video by saying she didn’t customize her box beforehand, a move that would’ve guaranteed she received the items she wanted in the box. Instead, Amanda let FabFitFun select the items for her, and boy was that a big Miss Steak.

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Before unboxing her items, Amanda said she felt like FabFitFun was “punishing” her for not customizing her box. And when she flaunted the items, I immediately knew what she meant.

Amanda began showing her first item, which was a pack of Ricola throat lozenges, and noted that there were “five” of the lozenges in “the whole bag.” She then shared a single bottle of SmartWater, but no, not just any SmartWater. This particular bottle was infused with pineapple and mango, though Amanda still wasn’t impressed, as she noted the idea of drinking “flavored still water” wasn’t too appealing.

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The TikToker moved on to other items in her box, which included hand soap, a silk pillowcase, a “questionable” scarf, “little baskets,” eye cream, and tinted wine glasses. Of the items, Amanda said the pillowcase was the most useful since she hasn’t worn a scarf “since 2014” and also stopped drinking “a month ago,” so she didn’t need the wine glasses.

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Fellow FabFitFun shoppers had plenty to say about her disastrous box.

After showing her horrendous FabFitFun box, she gave the company an “overall” middle finger while still wearing the scarf they delivered her. She then took out the water and the Ricola and slammed the brand for their lack of effort in creating her subscription box.

“This is criminal. This was criminal,” Amanda said to the camera. “I don't get it.”

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Underneath her video, Amanda received several comments from users who agreed that FabFitFun was no fun at all. Amanda shared in her TikTok that her latest FabFitFun box made her cancel her subscription, and many of her commenters admitted to doing the same after receiving their own wonky boxes.

“Canceled mine after I got a non-alcoholic Heineken,” one user said.

“I was just thinking about resubscribing and this answered that thought,” another admitted.

"They really just sent the intern to CVS," someone else quipped.

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