Woman Exposes Older Sister for Having Breast Implants at a Family Gathering

In the AITA Reddit forum, a woman asked fellow Redditors if she was in the wrong for telling her relatives that her sister has breast implants.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 8 2023, Updated 8:50 a.m. ET

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Ah, family gatherings.

Love them or hate them, you have to admit: There is never a shortage of drama. And one woman’s post on Reddit may just take the cake for the worst-case scenario.

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The tale involves two sisters, secret breast implants, and a heated confrontation after said implants were exposed in front of the entire family.

Here’s what went down.

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A woman exposed her sister for having breast implants at a family gathering.

In the AITA ("Am I the A------?") subreddit, a user going by LifeguardGrouchy9856 asked fellow Redditors if she was in the wrong for telling her relatives that her sister has breast implants.

For context, the user explained that her sister is constantly battling various illnesses and rashes, which the sister believes are caused by her recently diagnosed autoimmune disease.

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The Redditor prefaced that her sister was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease about a year ago and now tends to blame “every single one of her issues” on it.

However, the creator also thought it was worth mentioning that her sibling got breast implants five years ago.

“Ever since then was when she said she started feeling so sick and horrible all of the time,” the Redditor mentioned. “If y’all don’t know, breast implant illness is a real thing. It’s very common [that] women who get breast implants will start feeling sick after getting them.”

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So, during a gathering with visiting relatives, the creator said that she had become fed up with her sister’s constant complaining and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her approach?

Telling everyone that the reason she feels sick all the time isn’t because of her autoimmune disease — it’s because of her breast implants.

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Naturally, the Redditor’s sister was upset by the remark, prompting a heated argument between the two women. And the confrontation became so intense that the siblings’ mother had to intervene.

The visiting relatives didn’t know that the woman’s sister had breast implants.

Source: Reddit

After pulling the Redditor aside, her mother told her that her comment was incredibly inappropriate. “You don’t know your sister better than she knows herself,” the user recalled her parent saying.

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And that wasn’t all.

It was also revealed that the visiting relatives at the family function were unaware of her sister’s breast implants. The Redditor said her mom claimed she “exposed and embarrassed her [sister] in front of family” because she had done everything in her power to keep the procedure on the “down low.”

However, the creator didn’t see it that way, insinuating she knew her sister’s body better than anyone and that her symptoms weren’t related to her autoimmune disease.

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“I really don’t think what I did was wrong at all, because I think it’s pretty obvious, this is breast implant illness!” the Redditor exclaimed. “So help me out here Reddit, am I the AH?”

Based on the replies in the thread, it seems the general consensus among Reddit commenters was "Yes, yes, you are the AH.”

What do you think?

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