"He Ain't Worried About Nothing" — Woman Finds Man Living Under Her Airbnb

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 14 2023, Published 6:31 p.m. ET

More and more people are staying in Airbnb locations whenever they're traveling and need somewhere cheaper to stay for a while than a hotel. In all fairness, renting out someone else's home can be more comfortable than having to squat in a tiny hotel room, especially with all the extra furnishings and accommodations that an Airbnb can provide. The quality of the stay, however, can vary between locations.

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After all, these are rooms or even entire houses that belong to someone else. The people responsible for these properties may just have varying levels of quality upkeep, and there have been plenty of real-life horror stories involving folks in Airbnb locations in the past.

And while this particular incident isn't exactly a disaster by any stretch, it has raised a few eyebrows. In late August 2023, a woman found a man living under her Airbnb rental. Here's what she found.

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This woman found a man living under her Airbnb rental.

TikTok user sevennnn (@7eevveen) shared her findings in multiple videos. According to her in the video, she and her brother were staying at an Airbnb together during the summer. The house had its main entrance and floor up on a set of stairs with a large basement-like lower section that isn't necessarily part of the Airbnb's features.

As OP remembers it, they were just casually looking around the house when they found some small holes that provided a peek into the lower area of the house. To her complete and utter shock, there were clear signs of someone secretly living in this portion of the house.

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The lower area featured an entire mattress, shoes, some food, and even toilet paper.

"What the f---, Airbnb?" she could be heard saying in the video. "Y'all gotta get your s--- together, bro."

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OP posted plenty of follow-ups that serve to thicken the plot considerably. You might be surprised to know that she and her brother still ended up staying in the Airbnb.

"If you knew how much we paid, you would stay too! Homeless man don't bother me!"

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Despite her initial shock, OP went so far as to claim that life has to be great for whoever was living down there. Even though their living conditions weren't exactly enviable, she saw them as living their best life while in survival mode.

"Bro got free electricity and everything," she claimed.

Of course, curiosity called out to her and her brother, and the two were compelled to investigate a little further.

In a longer-follow-up to her previous videos, OP went down to the makeshift living space to get a closer look.

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When they arrived at the entrance to the space, the door leading into it was fully open. Nevertheless, she made the respectful call not to enter. She did, however, stick her phone camera inside to get a better look.

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From the video, you can see some clothes and trash bags strewn across the floor. It's far from the most glamorous living situation, but whoever is living down there seems to be all set up. OP didn't disturb any of the contents, but after getting a closer look, they ultimately decided to peace out.

"You can have it, buddy," she declared at the end of her video. "It's yours. All yours. We don't want no smoke."

Whoever owns the house might have been content to rent out their space as an Airbnb, but whoever is living under the house might not have expected other people to check out how they're living.

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