Woman Finds Steak Knives Buried Under Her House

When a woman finds steak knives buried under her house, people have three major theories as to why they could be there, so we give our prognosis.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Oct. 27 2023, Published 1:05 p.m. ET

It’s not every day that we find unusual objects buried underneath our houses, but it can happen. Most of the time, it’s some sort of animal trap or a random object that’s washed up from years past, but when it’s a whole series of steak knives, there’s something terribly scary. TikToker @redpeppersareyum, named Erin, shared a spooky real-life story of finding knives under her deck.

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She explains in the TikTok video that she had never seen them in two years of living at the house, so people obviously came forward with many theories of why the knives could be there. Luckily, Erin dug into the mystery and came back with the solution of what really happened … or so we thought.

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A woman found steak knives buried under her house in a haunting TikTok video.

“Guys, I’m so freaked out right now,” Erin tells her followers. “Me and my husband moved into a new property about two years ago and I know that I’ve looked around this property a bunch of times. Well, two months ago, I was cleaning up little plastic crap, and look what I see by the side of my deck.” She then shows us a bunch of rusty knives on the side of it.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” she continues. “It was all these steak knives and they were buried handle down, like propping up the side of our deck. They look super old like they were there for a very long time. But I’m like, how did I miss this? I’ve definitely been outside in the last two years … I forget how many there were but it was definitely like 8 or 9 or something like that.”

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But the saga continues. “Right now, I’m cleaning up around my deck and I know, the last time we looked, because we were like how are there knives here? I’m at the same spot, and look what I see.” She shows us another much bigger knife. With the scary music set over her story, the knives seem very sinister.

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Commenters have three theories as to why the knives are under her deck (and one very funny joke).

Most people commenting had some ideas of why there would be knives underneath Erin’s house. The most common theory (and the most boring) is that people sometimes use knives to keep animals away. It makes sense — we once had a skunk get under our deck when I was growing up, so perhaps a few knives could have stopped it!

Others, however, said they would call the police. All of us true crime girlies know that mysteriously placed knives could easily be a murder weapon hidden away. However, Erin commented that her cop friend said, “Without a victim, there isn’t much to do.”

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But the theory that’s the most fun is that the knives were placed as some sort of witchcraft. One practicing witch even commented that it looks like “a protection spell or ward of some sort.” Could there have been a coven in Erin’s house before she and her husband moved in?

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Of course, our favorite joke of the comments referred to knives as plants. “The last owners planted some razors and they’ve finally matured,” someone wrote. “They are getting bigger, you may get swords in a few years.” Ah, we love some good horticultural humor.

Erin got the answer about why the knives were there from the previous owner.

Luckily, Erin was able to go right to the source to ask why there were knives under her deck, so we don’t have to continue wondering and theorizing about the mystery. She explained in a follow-up video that she had the e-mail of the previous owner’s daughter, so she reached out.

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“I hope you’re doing well!” she wrote in the email. “We found some knives around the deck a few times and I’m just wondering if you know of anyone in the past that placed to maybe keep animals out from under the deck? I would really love it to be a silly solution like that and not something else!”

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The daughter got back to Erin with a quick response confirming her suspicions. “My apologies. Yes, that was my oldest brother’s idea of keeping animals away. I thought I got them all. So sorry! Thanks for checking, because it really is a silly reason!! Ugh, brothers.”

Of course, commenters weren’t satisfied with that. Some suspected that Erin gave the previous owner the answer and that she was “covering” for her brother, although we doubt that. Erin explained that perhaps she missed them because there used to be a bush where the knives were, but the bushes were removed just before this past summer. Mystery solved!

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