"We Feel Unsafe" — "Charming and Quirky" Airbnb Home Features Secret Tunnels and Peepholes

A "charming and quirky" Airbnb turns out to be a nightmare. Find out how two women react upon learning the home features peepholes and tunnels.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jul. 3 2023, Published 3:55 p.m. ET

Two women traveling alone who believed they were staying in a "charming and quirky" Airbnb instead found themselves in nightmare accommodations that made them feel "unsafe."

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TikTok creator @tierrasaurusrex shared a tour of the home with her followers and revealed bone-chillingly creepy features like secret tunnels to other rooms, and, gulp, peepholes.

Tierra and her friend admitted the property is "gorgeous" — but would you want to stay in a place a commenter called a "murder house," especially with a reported serial killer on the loose in the area?

Women take followers on a tour of the Airbnb that is giving "murder house" vibes.

Tierra and her friend may look happy-go-lucky in their "murder house" tour, giggling all the way, but the features of the misleading Airbnb are far from "charming and quirky."

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First, although there was a key in the lockbox "as planned," a second key seems to have been hidden in a little hole near the door as well. And this key, Tierra explains, they were "not informed of."

But that's not it. The home also features "strange" holes "big enough for a human" to fit it, and a peephole into the bedroom!

Yes, this Airbnb, despite its original hardwood floors and beautiful kitchen, is something out of a nightmare, with tunnels leading to other rooms, and bedroom doors that lock on the outside.

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The tour then moves to the basement, and, we are terrified. The women show us a door that looks like it leads to a torture chamber. "We're not touching it," Tierra proclaims, going on to show us a "man-sized tunnel."

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That's when we learn that this not-so-charming abode is located in Portland, Ore., where "there's an active serial killer on the loose." To be fair, the Portland Police Bureau has denied that six recent killings in the area could be related.

The women demand a full refund after revealing just how much they paid for the 'Silence of the Lambs' Airbnb.

It's undeniable that this Airbnb ended up being quite different from the home the owner described as featuring "quirks and charms," and which the friends paid "over $3,500" to stay for just under two weeks.

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To be fair, while a commenter said what we are thinking by writing, "It's giving murder house," many other TikTokers defended the property as looking like a "normal old house."

Clearly, Tierra and her friend didn't feel the property was just an ordinary, updated older house, as she later shared an update that they were still at the Airbnb, but "have knives" for their protection.

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Tierra said she had appealed to Airbnb for help with their situation.

She reported that Airbnb wanted "evidence for everything." Tierra further specified that she asked for a refund and to leave the Hannibal Lecter-like spot, noting how "unsafe" they felt, especially with the key having been hidden, and not knowing if anyone else had access to the home.

The good news for Tierra and her friend is that after sharing a few more updates about their stay from hell, she eventually reported they got a full refund, and danced around with her roommate in celebration.

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