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Source: iStock Photo

Cancer Survivor Kicked out of Bridal Party for Refusing to Wear a Wig


We are in the golden age of monstrous bridezillas being outed on Reddit, and this story is no exception. In fact, this one has risen to the top of the heap because of the bride's sheer shamelessness when it comes to being a terrible human being. 

Bridesmaidwoes123 made a throwaway account and recently took to the Bridezillas subreddit to share her frankly heart-wrenching and appalling story. She explains that she's really confused about the situation as this woman was her good friend. The friend, whom she calls "Karen" for the duration of the post, was the maid of honor at her wedding. She is now Karen's "number two" bridesmaid after Karen's sister. So these two are — or likely were, at this point — quite close.

Source: iStock Photo