"You Gonna Come Here and Go Bankrupt" — Woman Urges People Not to Move to Texas

Thinking of moving to Texas? This woman details several reasons why you should avoid the Lone Star state, including how expensive it is to live there.


Aug. 11 2023, Published 9:17 a.m. ET

I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the financial pinch of inflation and the aftermath of a pandemic we never saw coming. The workforce is a mess, people can’t afford household essentials, and 70 percent of Americans say they are feeling financially stressed.

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As a result, many are switching careers and/or scooping up the remaining pieces of their once-put-together life and relocating. If you’re considering making a drastic lifestyle change, one thing TikToker @kelliekelshow says you don’t want to do is move to Texas. But is it really that bad?

Here’s @keeliekelshow’s take on the Lone Star state and why she says “10 out of 10, I wouldn’t recommend moving to Texas!”

‘If you make over $276 a month [in Texas], you’re not getting healthcare or food stamps,’ the TikToker proclaims.

Anyone out there thinking about moving to Texas might want to check out @kelliekelshows two viral TikTok videos that detail several reasons why you should avoid the Lone Star state. In the video, the TikToker immediately jumps into the things “they don’t tell you” before you move to Texas.

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As you may already know, Texas is viewed as a state where you get more bang for your buck, similar to states like Georgia and Mississippi. But, according to this TikToker, it’s not all that it’s caked up to be.

For starters, @kelliekelshow says you have to pay to drive on the highway. “It be like $5, so you think it’s only $5 driving on the highway. No b----, it’s $5 every two miles and the side of the mother f----- expressway that you got on b---- is a six-mile motherf------ stretch!”

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The TikToker then jumps to the topic of healthcare and food stamps. “They don’t tell you that if you make over $276 a month you’re not getting healthcare or food stamps,” regardless of your kid count. “How f------ dare you, you make too much money,” the TikToker then says in a mocking tone.

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While the Texas Health & Human Services Commission website states that a one-person household can only make a maximum of $1,869 per month in order to qualify for food stamps, commonly referred to as SNAP benefits, the state also writes on its website that this is just a “general idea” of how much a person can make. Therefore, there could be some validity to @kelliekelshow's comment.

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TikToker says some of the people living in Texas are extremely ‘racist.’

The next subject to get tackled in @kelliekelshow’s rant about how disadvantageous it is to live in Texas is racism. “Their a ‘I’ll drive me and you off the road b----’ racist to let you not merge because the lane is merging because they’re doing f------ construction and ‘I just want to be a stupid a-- f------ b---- , but I’m willing to kill myself to not let you get in this motherf------lane, we’re both gonna die together.’”

Aside from that, @kelliekelshow says the electric company doubles your rates during hotter months out of the year, essentially “holding you accountable for God’s work,” according to the TikToker.

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While plenty of commenters agreed with the claims @kelliekelshow made in her viral video and shared similar experiences, others still admitted they would consider moving to Texas.

That prompted the TikToker to create yet another video detailing more of the downfalls of living in the state, including the “big a-- bugs and lizards” you’re bound to come in contact with.

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While I certainly don’t know what it’s like to live in Texas right now, I do know @kelliekelshow has convinced me to do my homework if it ever lands on my list of “places to move to.”

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