“This Was a Bad Idea” — Woman Attempts to Walk Four Hours to Work, Gets Lost Along the Way

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Feb. 5 2024, Updated 10:36 a.m. ET

Many of us have at least heard of the benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day, even if we don’t follow the method ourselves. Doctors and other medical professionals typically suggest their patients start walking more as a significant first step to boosting their physical and mental health, as it provides various benefits like improving one’s mood, brain function, et cetera.

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One way some people have decided to get their steps in is to substitute walking for driving to places like the grocery store, a nearby park, or even to work.

Walking to work can be a great way to get your mind right for another day at the office. However, most people walk to their jobs only if they’re around 15–20 minutes away, sometimes even 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, most people haven’t met TikTok user Ham, who goes by @tootgirl69 on the platform. Ham decided to take her followers along as she walked not one, not two, but FOUR HOURS to her job. Unsurprisingly, Ham received tons of attention after sharing her journey.

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A woman on TikTok refused to be unemployed by walking four hours to her job.

Walking has always been my preferred fitness method. While I’ve broken a sweat while navigating through a trail or two, I still prefer it over 30–40 minutes on a treadmill. This is because walking provides a way to stay healthy while also enjoying nature, something most of us lack from working at home or in an office.

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Although I enjoy a lengthy stroll to keep myself balanced, the one that our friend Ham did was a bit much for my standards. In September 2023, Ham shared her #hotgirlwalk on TikTok after she decided to walk to her place of employment.

Ham began the video with a screenshot of the walking distance between where she was and her job. The map showed that the “fastest route” would take her 3 hours and 53 minutes by foot. After asking followers not to "dox" her, Ham accepted the challenge and recorded herself walking to her job at 7:04 a.m.

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Ham walked through her city and gave updates as she did so. By 7:48, she was “tired” and shared she still had “three hours” to go. By 8:20, Ham told the camera that she “made it to the Canyons, whoo!” meaning she was close to the job. Or so she thought.

Once Ham got closer to her destination, she noticed multiple “road closed” signs blocking her from walking to where she needed to go. By 8:53, Ham began getting frustrated because her map suggested she walk to places that were also “blocked off.”

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Toward the end of the TikTok, Ham admitted to the audience that “I officially don’t know what to do” as she was stranded in the middle of nowhere. The poor girl cried and repeatedly said, “This was a bad idea!” Unfortunately, those who watched the video — including myself — had to agree with the unlucky employee.

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Ham’s TikTok commenters suggested she try “the bus” and other means of transportation.

Underneath her TikTok, Ham received comments from other concerned TikTok users. Many asked the young woman why on Earth she chose to walk four hours to work instead of using other means of transportation. Additionally, several users believed Ham may have been stretching the truth a little regarding how long her walk was.

“Girl the BUS,” one user said as an option for Ham.

“IN WHAT WORLD???? Then another FOUR HOURS HOME?? 😭😭😭,” another asked in disbelief.

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“Girl, this is INSANE,’ a third user noted.

After seeing the comments in her original video, Ham addressed the chatter in another TikTok. While sitting in a car this time around, Ham explained why she had to walk to work on that fateful day.

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According to the TikToker, she usually gets a ride to work from her roommate, who was also in the update. However, when her roommate wasn’t available that day, she decided to walk because she was a “country girl” and didn’t know about public transportation.

She also said she neglected to tell her roommate that she didn’t have a ride, so her roommate had no idea she walked. Thankfully, after she called her crying, the roomie booked her an Uber so she could make it to work. Ham also thanked the people with positive suggestions for her to get to work safely next time.

“Thank you to everyone who helped and explained the bus routes and all the apps that can help me,” the TikToker wrote in her video update.

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