A White Woman Was Secretly Filmed Writing a Racist Email on a Plane — the Event Unfolds on TikTok

A woman was seen writing a racist email on a plane while sitting next to two Black people. One of them secretly recorded her and posted on TikTok.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 18 2023, Published 1:52 p.m. ET

A platform like TikTok is home to all sorts of content, but not all of it consists of fun dances and silly trends. More often than not, people tend to capture or comment on some horrible events that unfold before them. Whether people are addressing false rumors or controversy, capturing offensive tirades, or exposing awful business practices and customer experiences, there are all kinds of videos on TikTok where people are captured committing some unsavory acts.

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One pressing TikTok that may have found its way onto your FYP is a long video in which a woman wrote a racist email while flying on a plane. While the video itself doesn't necessarily show anyone calling the woman out for her behavior, it has certainly opened up the conversation about how people really behave when they think no one is watching.

Keep reading for more details on this act of racism on TikTok.

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A woman was recorded as she wrote a racist email on a plane. The event was posted on TikTok.

On Jan. 16 of this year, Mizz Crizzy aka @mizz-crizzy on TikTok posted about what she called "my first racist encounter" while flying on an airplane. The video currently has more than 5.7 million views.

At the time of recording, Mizz Crizzy was seated next to another Black woman and an elderly white woman on the aircraft. Mizz Crizzy secretly catches the white woman writing an email with the subject "Plane." In it, she complains about the Black women to whom she's seated beside.

Part of the email reads, "I am looking out the window. [The] other two seats are taken by two very large dolled-up black ladies."

She goes on to call one of them "extremely hostile" and says that she herself was "being very pleasant just to annoy her." The white woman even doubles down on her own racism by comparing them unfavorably to famous tennis player Serena Williams.

Throughout the video, the two Black women openly comment on the racist's behavior, though the latter fails to notice.

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There's already so much to unpack about what happens in this TikTok. As if the white woman's overt racism weren't bad enough on its own, the 10-minute video captures her method of typing in excruciating detail. The woman types on her phone with only one finger, and even then, she types incredibly slowly and often goes back to previous sentences to add more racist details. Her phone screen is also laughably exposed to Mizz Crizzy, who was able to record for several minutes without getting caught.

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Needless to say, this woman was eviscerated in the comments.

One person joked, "Read the entire comment section before this lady was done writing."

Another commenter observed, "Funny thing is that I doubt the email will even send because I can't imagine she figured out on-flight Wi-Fi or will know to send from draft later."

Many also mocked the woman for her max font settings, almost ensuring that people looking over her shoulder or recording her for TikTok could read her offensive comments.

For all intents and purposes, this woman was practically begging people to know how racist she was toward her fellow flyers.

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