"It's Filling up Quick" Says Woman Who Can't Get Her Shower to Turn Off

One woman's shower nearly turned into a bath when she couldn't turn off the water. She also couldn't get ahold of her apartment manager. Yikes!

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Oct. 17 2023, Published 11:11 a.m. ET

Bathrooms can be finicky. Sometimes it feels like restrooms should come with their own user manuals. Have you ever gone to a friend's house for the first time and right before going to the bathroom, you were hit with a list of instructions? "Make sure you only sit on the left side of the toilet because the seat is wonky, and the toilet paper roll is weird so pull it down not up and by the way, do not use the decorative towels to dry your hands."

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The place where I have come across this phenomenon the most is in a shower, and in particular when it comes to the valves. Each one seems to operate like a safe you're trying to open. To get the perfect temperature and pressure, they have to be positioned in just the right spots. Unfortunately things can still go awry, which is what happened to one TikToker when her shower simply would not turn off. Was it possessed or did she need to find the right combination? Warning: You will get wet.

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Is your water running? Well, you better catch it!

Chelsie, who goes by @thatbaldbih on TikTok, almost got a little too clean when she couldn't get her shower to stop running. It must have been exhausted! These jokes are free.

As if this wasn't stressful enough, Chelsie couldn't get ahold of her apartment manager. Here's a gross anecdote. Years ago my toilet clogged in a previous apartment, but it was the weekend so I couldn't reach the landlord. Because I only had one bathroom, I either used the sink or went outside for a full 48 hours. That story was also free dot com.

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After four anxiety-fueled calls, Chelsie finally reached someone. "Is there water on the floor at the moment," they asked. Obviously they are trying to gauge how quickly they need to respond to this. The water was still contained in the bathtub, but it was "filling up quick," said Chelsie.

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The manager promised to send a maintenance person but in the meantime, Chelsie's bathtub was no longer draining. When it rains it pours! Also, when the shower won't stop it pours. "That’s when you call the fire department," said one person in the replies. My brain would never consider that because the fire department usually comes for fire, which is the opposite of water.

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Chelsie calls her mom which is something a lot of us can identify with. It's funny how quickly I'll go from zero to mommy when catastrophe is in the mix. Please forgive the use of mommy as an adult. I'm an only child.

Her mom proceeds to do that thing that inevitably frustrates children beyond belief. She asks Chelsie obvious questions, and wants to know if she has done things any sane person would do. "Is the water overflowing yet," is followed by, "And the knobs won't turn off?" Good idea. Chelsie should try turning off her shower. Parents, stop doing this!

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The final mom TKO came in the form of accusing Chelsie of breaking something. That's peak parent! She finally came through with the suggestion that Chelsie grab a bucket and start dumping the water elsewhere. So, she got a big bowl and took it to another big bowl: her toilet.

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Several trips to the toilet and 40 minutes later, the maintenance guy showed up and saved the day. Sadly, Chelsie didn't tell us what the actual problem was but Benjamin Franklin Plumbing had a few ideas! According to them, a shower that won't turn off is likely due to a "malfunctioning shower valve, worn-out rubber washer, or sediment buildup." That last one made me feel gross!

If this ever happens to you, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing recommends shutting off the main water valve to "prevent any further water damage." How does one do that? If you live in an apartment, I would ask the manager where it is. You can also head to YouTube for answers. Perhaps this video from the West Virginia Water Authority will help. Good luck!

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