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Guy Creates Guide to Women Based on Their Nail Type and It's Surprisingly Accurate



Some people learn more than others from their failed relationships. We all have that one friend who, no matter what, keeps settling for and attracting people they shouldn't be associating with.

All of the red flags are there: they either don't have a job, are super judgmental, or are a selfish. Most of the time you feel like your friend can't be themselves around that person. Or the worst sign: they like strawberry milk over chocolate. 

But Marwan Alteir, who also goes by Rocky, has taken it upon himself to learn from his past relationship mistakes so that he doesn't repeat the errors of the past. And he also graciously shared his knowledge with the rest of the internet so we could benefit from his aggregated wisdom as well.

What this gentleman has discovered is that there's a direct correlation between a woman's personality and her nail type. In fact, he believes he could save people a lot of trouble and heartache if they simply follow his rules on women's nails, so people know exactly what they're getting into when they enter a relationship with a specific type of nail.  

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In the book, he breaks down a variety of different nail styles and types and how likely a woman who's rocking said styles will be of stabbing you in your sleep or potentially causing drama.

He wasn't afraid to get granular with it as well, and within each different nail style even took time to consider different colors/shades.  

Apparently bold and bright colors, with sharp shapes mean that there's a good chance if you anger the proud wearer of said nail design, there's a good chance you may be the victim of some type of genital mutilation.

Neutral tones/shades and more subdued shapes are generally a good sign, but there are some exigent factors to consider as well. French nails could go either way, apparently.  

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Mountain Peak, Stiletto, and Arrow Head designs carry the biggest risks, but if you're dating someone with this style or plan to, according to 26-year-old Marwan, there is still some hope. He provides countermeasures to help ensure that the craziness doesn't affect you too adversely with some solid tips and strategies for keeping said craziness in check. Like purchasing pho or boba tea for the nail-wearer in question.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, Marwan said that he first started compiling the guide back in the summer of 2018 and took the time to gather some real data, as he wanted to go about crafting the guide in as scientific a manner as possible.

When asked what his reasoning was behind making the booklet in the first place, it was all about the preservation of his bros physical and mental health:

"I created this research to protect my bros around the world. They need to know what they’re getting into. I’m pretty confident on my research, but like I said, results will vary. I actually started the guide back in 2018 around summertime. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to present it, but getting the data was the hardest part." 

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And although this is obviously meant to be taken as a joke first and foremost, Marwan did reveal that there was an actual level of research and scientific methods and surveying that went into the study:

"Research was conducted with 20 male friends and 10 male strangers. I showed each of them diagrams and images. If more than one guy said the same thing about a particular nail, it would go on the book," he said.

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And while there are tons of people cracking up and nodding their heads in agreement to the gospel that Marwan is preaching, there are some who are angry that he spilled the beans about the hidden meanings behind nail shapes and styles:

"I had a girl DM me that she hates me because I cracked the code and let out the secrets. She said she was going find where I live and burn the book," he told BF.

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If you want to check out the full guide, you can see him hilariously break down all the styles in these two videos he uploaded to his Twitter account:

Women began posting photos and videos of their own nails. Some as a means of disproving parts of Marwan's theories and others to let people know that he's right on the money.

Others just did it to flex on the rest of the web and show off how nice their nails are. Because seriously, some of these designs are next level.

Holy smokes.

What do you think of Marwan's guide? Is there some truth to it? Is it problematic? Or are you dead right now because an arrow-headed, yellow-nailed ex GF of yours just stabbed you?

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