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Source: Twitter

These Xbox Series X Memes Will Make You Spit Coffee All Over Your Controller


It looks like both Sony and Microsoft have decided to go the unconventional route when it comes to the design of their consoles. The Playstation 5's "v" design looks like a piece of the Millennium Falcon that needs to be replaced before too many Stormtroopers board the vessel. Not to be outdone in terms of weirdness, the Xbox Series X debuted at the Game Awards on Dec. 12 and after it was unveiled, the memes came swiftly.

People are roasting Xbox Series X with some pretty brutal memes.

In terms of processing power and capability, customers are rumored to get a decently spec'd machine for the price. An 8-core CPU that runs around 3.5GHz, an all new GPU and a custom processor designed specifically for the console, 16GB Total RAM (3 for system, 13 for games) and user customizable solid state storage round out the system to create a package that is capable of 12 TFLOPS of power.