Ethan Klein Left a Streaming With xQc Following a Debate Where Things Got Nasty

A heated debate broke about between xQc and 'H3' host Ethan Klein over reaction content, but which one of them actually won the debate?


Aug. 8 2023, Published 11:25 a.m. ET

During a recent debate between Twitch streamer xQc and H3 Podcast host Ethan Klein, the two argued about the merits of creating reaction content. The debate between the two of them got more than a little heated, and one of the men ultimately walked away from the debate as a result.

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Now, following news of the debate, many want to learn more about who won, and what each side was arguing for. Keep reading for all of the details and see who won.

Who won the debate between xQc and 'H3' host Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein and xQc got on a Zoom call together to debate the merits of reaction content, which is basically content that involves a streamer reacting to something else online. xQc has faced criticism for posting this kind of content, with some, including Ethan, arguing that it's essentially stealing someone else's work, especially when the streamer doesn't provide anything of value on top of the original video.

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Those who post reaction content argue that it ultimately redounds to the benefit of the original poster, as it brings their work to a broader audience. While there's certainly an interesting debate to be had on this issue, it seems like the debate between xQc and Ethan wasn't the right forum for that discussion. While Ethan was the one who left the call, it's hard to say that either person really won.

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The debate devolved into name-calling and insult hurling.

Near the end of xQc and Ethan's discussion, after they had both laid out their points and articulated their perspectives, things got nasty. Ethan eventually accused xQc of using this debate as filler for his channel the same way he uses other people's videos.

"How long do you want me to sit here and listen to you and watch you crawl around like a worm? Unlike you, I f--king organize and put work into my show," Ethan said.

"I understand for you, you're just burning time. You could sit here for 12 hours and make your life easy. You wouldn't have to steal videos. But me, I plan this. I have a show, a schedule," he continued.

Shortly thereafter, Ethan hung up the call, suggesting sarcastically that their conversation had been "illuminating."

Ethan was referring to a point during the conversation where xQc claimed that his audience would rather watch him do the worm than listen to their debate.

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Ethan then ended the Zoom call without letting xQc get another word in, and people online are claiming that he ended the call because he lost the debate. While it may technically be true that Ethan ended the call and didn't convince xQc to change his mind, the idea that xQc was ever actually going to change his mind seems unlikely.

The question of who won, then, is hard to determine. Usually, debates aren't the best way to actually convince someone that their position is incorrect. While Ethan may have left, he may ultimately have been right that xQc wanted to invite him onto his channel in part to fill time.

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