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'90 Day Fiancé' Star Yazan Abo Horira Might Have Found a New Girlfriend



Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way offered a rare glimpse into Yazan Abo Horira's tumultuous relationship with Brittany Banks, capturing the immense difficulties they had to face as a couple. 

As previous episodes of the show revealed, the Jordan-native and the U.S. citizen clashed over various cultural differences. Fortunately, all of this is now in the past. Because as Yazan claimed in a recent Instagram story, he has found a new girlfriend. 

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Yazan Abo Horira, star of '90 Day Fiancé,' might have found a new girlfriend.

Yazan took it to Instagram in the first week of December to reveal that he met someone else. 

Although the star didn't share exact details about his new partner, the announcement had a seismic impact on fans just the same. Some ventured so far as to claim that he posted the Instagram Story to get back at Brittany. 

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"I would like to thank TLC channel for the big efforts in the program, and the results of the show came out really good. Also, I would like to thank the editing team...you guys did your job. Thankfully, I'm so happy now with my new love relationship, and now everything is way better than ever!!! All love," the 24-year-old boasted in a now-deleted Instagram Story. 

The revelation came soon after the episode detailing Yazan and Brittany's latest plans to move together to the U.S., titled "Never Stop Fighting," aired on TLC. Fans took it to Twitter to share their opinions on the rapid development. 

"Yazan got him a new boo! Hopefully his family will stop coming after him #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiance," tweeted one person.

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"Yazan is in love and he wants the world to know! This really didn't play out how Britt imagined, eh? #90DayFiance #90dayfiancetheotherway," wrote someone else.

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Yazan and Brittany were often hailed as one of the most toxic couples on '90 Day Fiancé.'

Yazan and Brittany didn't see eye to eye on various issues. 

While the Jordan-native tried his best to make his deeply religious family come around and accept his plans to marry a divorced woman from the U.S., Brittany had other problems to solve. 

Their struggles to communicate with each other backfired on several occasions. In a crucial scene of "Fight or Flight?," Yazan got into a car crash while texting with Brittany. Instead of trying to console him, however, she opted for a different tactic — telling him that the accident was his fault. 

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The devastating impact Yazan's relationship with Brittany had on his social standing and familial ties served as one of the main themes explored in Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. 

Unbeknownst to Brittany, Yazan was forced out of his home, lost his job while also risking ex-communication and being killed. He struggled to open up about these difficulties — but Brittany's unwillingness to acknowledge these hardships poured even more fuel on the fire. 

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Brittany changed her mind after learning about the complications Yazan was facing. In the episode titled "The Cost of Love," she offered to convert to Islam, a step she strongly opposed before. However, Yazan's brother discouraged her from doing so just for Yazan's sake.  

In "Never Stop Fighting," Brittany proposed a new plan, asking Yazan to move to the U.S. with her. 

It seems that Yazan has chosen to spend more time with someone else in the end. 

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