Zac Efron Is the Oldest of Four Children and a Pretty Devoted Sibling

Zac Efron has been famous for almost two decades, and many of his fans have recently taken an interest in who his siblings are. Let's meet them.


Jul. 14 2023, Published 10:24 a.m. ET

After being cast in one of the most successful Disney Channel films ever made, Zac Efron has had 15 years to adjust to life as a celebrity. In that time, Zac has also been open about his family, and in particular about his close bond with his sibling and half siblings.

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Zac co-hosted a Netflix series with his brother, but even before that, he was open about his closeness with his brother and half siblings, and about how their relationship has evolved over the years. Let's meet Zac Efron's siblings.

Who are Zac Efron's siblings?

Zac is the oldest of four children. He has one full sibling and two half siblings. He has a younger brother, Dylan, who is an adult, and another younger half-brother named Henry who is still a toddler. He also has a half-sister named Olivia who was born in 2019.

Zac certainly has loving relationships with his two half-siblings, but because they are both still quite young, he will exist more as an uncle to them than as a brother. And, because of their age, there's not much public information about them.

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Dylan, on the other hand, has built a profile for himself as a YouTuber, and he and Zac also co-hosted the second season of Zac's Netflix show Down to Earth together.

“[Nepal] was gorgeous. It was definitely a very spiritual trip. It brought Zac and me really close together. It was what we needed at that time, it was a beautiful trip," Dylan said of their time traveling together for the show.

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Zac lived with Dylan for years.

Even after Zac became wildly famous, he and Dylan lived together for years.

“Yes, I mean most of the time [he is a good roommate]. He’s my little brother. He looks after the house while I’m gone,” Zac said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel in 2017. “We’re cool like that. I trust him, he’s a good dude. I trust him with the house. I came home [recently] and it was very clear that the cleaning lady had been there just minutes before I arrived.”

Dylan also added that Zac took him under his wing after Dylan left home.

"Zac really took me under his wing and let me live with him when I got my first job in Los Angeles," Dylan said. "He really became that older brother, and that’s when I would say we grew closer than ever. Our relationship was something that developed more as we both became adults and stopped fighting so much."

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Zac's father, David Efron, was part of the reason he went into show business in the first place. His father re-married fairly recently, and started a new family, which is the reason that Olivia and Henry are both so young and only Zac's half-siblings.

Zac has posted pictures with all of his siblings on Instagram, although his closest relationship is clearly with Dylan who he grew up with. In addition to appearing on Down to Earth, Dylan also worked as a producer, so it's clear that Zac is still very much interested in supporting his family.

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