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Source: Instagram

Zach Braff Wants a ‘Scrubs’ Reunion — Here’s How You Can Help Make It Happen


Have you ever missed Scrubs so much it hurts sometimes? If so, you’re not alone! Next month will mark a decade since it went off the air, but hasn’t stopped me — and devoted fans all over the world — from wanting more. But we may just be in luck! Just last night, Zach Braff took to Instagram to post a photo with his Sacred Heart partner-in-crime and real-life bestie Donald Faison to ask a simple question: Should we do a rewatch podcast?

Unsurprisingly the answers were pretty much all unanimous: Just like Elliot’s dream proposal, everyone’s eyes welled up and they declared, “Yes! Oh my god, yes!” With that exact inflection of course. (Honestly, thank goodness we aren’t Carla types who would need to think over this question that it feels like we’ve been asking Zach Braff to ask our entire lives.)