Outside of His Multimillion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme, Zach Horwitz Is a Father of Two

Chris Barilla - Author

Feb. 15 2022, Published 12:52 p.m. ET

You might not know him for his acting career, but Zach Horwitz, credited on screen as Zach Avery, is now getting his 15 minutes of fame after being convicted for running a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

The actor's role in the massive fraud (reports vary on exactly how large it was, with some outlets estimating the Ponzi scheme at $227 million dollars and others at $650 million) has recently been dominating the news, and Horwitz's newfound celebrity has raised a bunch of questions about who he is outside of his financial crimes.

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For example, what do we know about Horwitz's personal life? Does Zach Horwitz have a wife? Plus, what information do we have about his net worth? Keep reading for a breakdown of the Ponzi scheme mastermind's life.

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Who is Zach Horwitz's wife?

Although Horwitz made a name for himself for his crimes before he managed to get his big break in the entertainment industry, his wife Mallory Avery (née Hagedorn) has seemingly always stood by his side. Since he never rose through the ranks of Hollywood before making waves for his criminal endeavors, information about Horwitz's personal life with Mallory is sparse.

Having said that, the actor has been candid about their relationship on a couple of occasions through the years.

During a 2019 interview with Swagger, Horwitz explained how he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue acting "with nothing more than his dog, a few suitcases, and a big dream." Oh, and the support of Mallory, his girlfriend at the time. In that interview, Horwitz also revealed that he and Mallory have a child together. According to a recent Rolling Stone report of his sentencing, the actor currently "has two young sons."

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"The amount of emotion that you get to experience when you become a dad is unmatched," Horwitz told Swagger. Despite his apparently busy acting schedule at the time, Horwitz noted to NYCastings that he always made sure to make time for his relationship.

"The one thing that my wife, Mallory, and I have done is make a pact that we will not be away from each other for more than two weeks at a time," he said, adding, "my wife is extremely supportive and has always been my rock throughout my career."

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There's not much that we can gather regarding what Mallory is up to today, as she recently deactivated her Twitter account. When it was active, the page mentioned that she worked at Ken Paves Salon and was filled with references to her husband's acting career.

What is Zach Horwitz's net worth?

It goes without saying that the main reason Horwitz is getting so much media attention nowadays has to do with money. Not money that he has earned through his career, however, but rather, the hundreds of millions that he fraudulently acquired through a Ponzi scheme reportedly fronting as a movie licensing business called 1inMM Capital LLC, per People.

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Outside of the scheme, Horwitz's actual net worth was reportedly around $4 million, per The Sun. According to an official release by the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), Horwitz transferred substantial sums of what he defrauded from investors to personal accounts in order to fund frivolous purchases such as a $100,000 Las Vegas trip, a luxury watch subscription, a $6 million mansion, and more.

Horwitz was convicted on Feb. 14, 2022, and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. On top of that, the judge who sentenced him ordered Horwitz to pay $230 million in restitution.

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