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Source: Getty

Zane Holtz Plays 'Katy Keene's Resident Boxer and He Was Basically Born for the Role


While Katy Keene it is technically a Riverdale spin-off, don't expect anyone other than Josie to make the trek to the new show. At least, for now. 

Instead, Riverdale fans can get to know an entirely new ensemble cast full of dreamers and hopeful young stars, including Zane Holtz, who plays K.O. Kelly on Katy Keene

Yes, that’s his character’s name and yes there is boxing involved. But again, don't expect Archie to show up and try to box him, since apparently that’s Archie’s thing now too. 

Katy Keene will mostly stand on its own as it gains its footing as a show that takes place in the same universe as Riverdale, but without the constant murder mysteries running rampant throughout it.