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Nancy Pelosi Had A Few Provocative Tidbits To Share About President Trump

Nancy Pelosi Had A Few Provocative Tidbits To Share About President Trump
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi said her first meeting with Trump at the White House was a significantly different experience than with other presidents.

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The House Minority Leader shared with MSNBC's Morning Joe hosts about her experience meeting Donald Trump after he won the election.
Pelosi recalled, "First thing he says to open the meeting: 'You know, I won the popular vote.'"

The meeting back in January was meant to give the congressional leadership an opportunity to get acquainted with the newly elected president.
Sounds like Donald Trump made quite the first impression.

Even though Trump claimed the victory in the Electoral College, he lost the popular vote by about 3 million. It's still a point of contention for Trump, as those statistics are perpetually the subject of dispute.Pelosi may not have agreed on the same issues when George W. Bush was in the oval office, but they had mutual respect for facts. "I wish he were president now," she said about Bush. And continued saying, "I wish Mitt Romney were president. I wish John McCain were president. We all have to start at a place when we're dealing with facts, evidence, data, and then you can compromise."


Pelosi shared other assessments on the president. "We have someone in the White House who is really disrupting the checks and balances system, whether it's the courts, whether it's the congress or not." 


She was given interesting advice before officially meeting Donald Trump. "And New Yorkers have said to me, 'You watch his behavior. This is how he operates: First he will try to charm you. If that doesn't work, he bullies you. If that doesn't work, he walks away from you. Just walks away from the deal. And if that doesn't work, he sues you," she said.

The topic of Trump's mental health was brought up in the discussion as well. "I think his family should be concerned of his health.” Later, when she was asked if his health was a general concern of hers, she added, “I’m concerned about his fitness for office, and that's really the question." 


Her biggest concern, however, was the fact that Donald Trump chose Saudi Arabia to be the first country to visit as the president in the midst of much political turmoil. 

Past administrations visited more "friendly" destinations like Canada for their inaugural international tours.

Hmmm... Why is that? "I'm looking into it," Pelosi said with much determination. 

Watch the full interview in the video below.

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