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Steve Bannon Says White House Press Briefings Are Off-Camera Because Sean Spicer 'Got Fatter'

By Jaime Lutz

Sean Spicer has had a really rocky tenure with the Trump administration.  His unpredictable style led to more sound bytes than the administration was probably happy with. The real question however: is what will he do and say now that he is no longer employed by the Trump administration?  Regardless, he was a polarizing figure who is now on his way out.  We assume sometimes people can take some parting gifts for their troubles in those kinds of situations.  Sometimes it is telling people off or going in silence.  And other times it is by literally taking a physical good to remember the job by.  

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had stopped making televised briefings because Spicer had gained weight. 

Yeah, this really happened.

Bannon, many assume, was making a joke, unfortunately being in the public eye means everyone hears that joke and gets to judge it. Because the real reason is that the Trump administration doesn't want the public scrutiny of Sean Spicer's performance that televised briefings bring...Maybe? 

Anyway, people are confused.