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Anderson Cooper Has Had It With Trump's White House

By Mike Walsh

Jim Acosta is over Donald Trump's views on the press.

The CNN reporter has made headlines lately for the tough questions he's asked the President and Sean Spicer during the press hearings. Specifically in regards to President Trump labeling anything he doesn't agree with as "Fake News" which struck a chord when Acosta straight up asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer if Trump labeled Russia meddling in the election as fake news. 

It's an important question because the White House finally acknowledge Russia did have some influence in elections but refuses to really say what. Which is a direct 180 from the President's initial comments saying it was "Fake News" and that CNN was spreading a lie. 

Well Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta got together to discuss the President's scary and relentless attacks on the free Press and didn't hold back...