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Steve Bannon Just Insulted Sean Spicer, And Twitter Erupted

Steve Bannon Just Insulted Sean Spicer, And Twitter Erupted
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1 year ago

Twitter isn't pleased with a recent comment Steve Bannon made about Sean Spicer's weight.

In an article for The Atlantic, reporter Rosie Gray reached out to Steve Bannon for a comment on why Sean Spicer had been having off-camera press briefings as of late, as the Trump administration grows less transparent each day.

Steve Bannon's reply? "Sean got fatter."

Bannon didn't respond to follow-up questions, so the quote stands as is:

The move had Twitter seeing red, for multiple reasons.

Apparently the White House has turned into "Mean Girls:

Even Chelsea Clinton added her thoughts:

Some disagreed, however, saying it was a joke:

Clinton fired back that she wasn't amused:

She was met with more resistance:

Others wondered how future press briefings might pan out:

Joke or not, it does highlight the bad taste of the administration, as well as the divide in this country:

Even Rosie Gray, who broke the story, was a bit shocked by the progression of the controversy:

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