Woman Slams Jared Kushner In NY Times Comment Section, And Twitter Lost It



If you feel like there's another ridiculous headline about the Russian investigation each and every day, you're definitely not alone. And now we can add to the madness that is Trump's America and the issue of Russian collusion. 

To give you some context, it all began (and be "it all" we mean "this specific slice of the madness") when Jared Kushner told Senate investigators: "I did not collude with Russians, nor do I know of anyone in the campaign who did..." 

The New York Times reported on Kushner's prepared, voluntary statement in an attempt to harness the political storm surrounding the ongoing Russia investigation.

His conflicting accounts of Russian meddling continue to draw skepticism from the press. 

On the subject of the infamous 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer, which Kushner has admitted attending, the senior White House advisor said he was unaware of the damaging information against Clinton because he didn't read the email chain from Donald Trump Jr., titled 'Re: Russia - Clinton - private and confidential,' according to the NYT.

Which is, you know, somewhat ridiculous. Enter our hero: This woman, who pretty much summed up our collective thoughts on Kush's excuse about not reading the email. As this one commenter on the NYT article nailed it when she said, "I don't take meetings without knowing what they are and I'm a suburban divorced woman who works part-time in a jewelry store." 

Naturally, Twitter praised her for her pointed comment, and instantly the wisecracks were overflowing.

Let it be known. This could happen to you.

People are already anticipating dramatizations of Jared Kushner.

Imagining a conversation with Kushner seems to be Twitter's favorite game.

And to sum everything up: a little admonishment from a familiar face.

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