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Joy Reid Slams CNN Reporter And The Media Over Hillary Clinton In Brutal Tweet Storm

Joy Reid Slams CNN Reporter And The Media Over Hillary Clinton In Brutal Tweet Storm
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10 months ago

MSNBC's Joy Reid is tired of the media's endless criticism of Hillary Clinton.

After CNN's Dylan Byers blasted Clinton in a tweet on Wednesday, saying: "The Hillary Clinton 'I-take-full-responsibility-but-here-are-all-the-other-reasons-I-lost' tour continues to be intrinsically problematic," Reid had had it.

Early Thursday morning, she tweeted a rant explaining just how absurd the media's expectations of Clinton really are:

I mean...

In Reid's opinion, the media expects a lot more from Clinton than they do of other politicians:

The "Clinton rules" that Reid brings up are a reference to a 2015 Vox article written by Jonathan Allen, in which he explained just how differently Hillary Clinton is treated by the media than other politicians.

Most of the rules boil down to one common factor: that Clinton is guilty until proven innocent.

No matter how seemingly-innocuous the scandal, Clinton is given the full conspiracy treatment by the mainstream media.

The article even asserts that "the Clintons have been under investigation for about 25 years now," and explains that "the Clinton rules are driven by reporters' and editors' desire to score the ultimate prize in contemporary journalism: the scoop that brings down Hillary Clinton and her family's political empire. At least in that way, Republicans and the media have a common interest."

There were many on Twitter who agreed with Reid:

Reid also sparked debate...

In the end, a few people tried to come for Reid, but she shut them down:

"Reid out:"

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