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Source: distractify

22 Bisexuals Talk About The Biggest Differences And Similarities Between The Two Sexes


I always kind of wanted to be bisexual. I definitely find tons of dudes attractive, case in point, Zac Efron, but finding them hot and wanting to sleep with them are two entirely different things, which I discovered for myself. I’ve had to kiss dudes in plays and movies, and found out pretty quickly that I didn’t feel the same thing as I did when I was kissing a woman. It could be that I haven’t found the right guy yet, but as of right now, I’m kinda totally hetero.

Which is why I’m really interested in hearing from people who are actually bisexual, not my wishful-thinking brand of bisexuality, in what the differences between dating both sexes are.

Thankfully, a ton of people were willing to share the contrasts they found between both sexes on Reddit.